Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th March 2023 Written Update


The guard says he came for a routine check. Angad asks if he saw Sahiba leave. The guard says he didn’t see her leave. Angad waits for Sahiba.

After Sahiba returns home, Angad asks where she was hiding. Sahiba says everyone was asleep, so no one was disturbed. He asks where she went at 11 p.m. and holds her hand. Sahiba warns him to leave her hand.

Sahiba feels dizzy due to weakness and collapses on his shoulder. The whole family gathers around. Angad pushes her away. He says she is Brar family bahu now and her actions will defame the family.

Darji/Akal asks what is wrong. Veer asks Sahiba if she is okay. Sahiba says she felt dizzy. Veer says that is what happens if she has not eaten since morning.

The food was for Sahiba, but Angad stopped him and snatched the food plate. Angad scolded him for supporting Sahiba against his brother. Daarji said let’s talk inside.

Darji tongue-lashed Angad at home for starving his wife, and he couldn’t believe Angad, who takes care of his employees like a family, treated his wife like that. Bebe asks why is Angad being scolded, and why cannot Sahiba ask for food. Veer replies that any dignified person would not have food the way Angad scolded Sahiba.

Prabjot says Sahiba is acting to gain sympathy. Sahiba looks at Prabjot angrily. Prabjot complains to Manveer. Manveer warns her to lower her gaze and voice in front of all Brars if she wants to remain here. Sahiba says she should teach her son some manners so that he doesn’t trouble her all the time. Angad shouts, and Prince asks why he shouts.

Prabjot signals Hansraj who manages Prince and takes him away. Jasleen suggests that maybe Sahiba had gone out for food. Darji scolds Angad again for forgetting family values and asks Bebe what she has to say. She feels sorry because even the servants at their house do not go hungry.

A servant tries to speak but stops seeing Angad. Darji orders Bebe to feed Sahiba and return to their room. The maid brings food.

Sahiba politely tells Bebe that she can’t have food since she values her self-respect more than food. Angad shouts a girl from a thug family is saying this and says he will give her food himself. Sahiba refuses and warns him to maintain a distance from her. Angad forces a bite into her mouth and warns her that he won’t spare her so easily. Their argument continues.

During the precap, Sanoths prepares food for Sahiba and plans to convince her. Ajith says Sahiba will not meet with her.

As Gurleen visits Sahiba, she says she came to take her for a post-wedding ritual.

Sahiba says she knows her and Angad’s equation, yet she came to take her to the ritual.

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