Anupama 30th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 30th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj decides to help Anupama forget her worries and troubles by blindfolding her and encouraging her to take a deep breath. As Anupama follows his instructions and opens her eyes, Anuj reminds her that she shouldn’t neglect herself while worrying about Guru Maa, Vanraj, and Kavya. He has faith in her strength and knows she can face any challenge bravely. Anupama marvels at how good he is at calming her nerves. As they prepare for bed, both express their hopes for the next day – Anuj hopes for answers to his questions and Anupama hopes Nakul will answer her call and clear up any doubts. As he leaves to change, Anupama silently prays that the mysterious lady is not actually Guru Maa.

Returning home, Romil is greeted by Ankush who questions why he didn’t answer his call. Romil explains that he received Ankush’s message to come back within 30 minutes and followed through. Advising Romil to rest, Ankush suggest they find a different place for him to stay as his wife and brother-in-law often bully him. He shares how much happier he was when living with his grandmother and urges Ankush to not ruin his life as a good father would. The next day, Vanraj arrives with Kavya as she is now welcomed into the house by Leela who performs a nazar on her. Anuj and Anupama also join in the welcoming. Emotionally, Leela inquires about Kavya’s well-being to which she reassures her that she is fine and asks her not to cry. Leela expresses her concern for their safety since they were at risk while Anuj thinks about revealing the truth of Kavya’s actions, but decides against it for now. Offering support during her pregnancy, Leela declares herself and Hasmukh as Kavya’s bodyguards until delivery time comes. Hasmukh then offers cream rolls and Kinjal brings juice for K

Hasmukh enquires about Kavya’s dietary restrictions based on the doctor’s advice. Kavya responds by mentioning that she has been advised to steer clear of spicy and oily foods. Just then, Dimpy approaches Kavya. However, Leela intervenes and cautions her against getting too close to Kavya and her baby. Kavya takes responsibility for not being mindful while walking. Anupama shares her perspective that Dimpy may not always be in the wrong and should not be imposed with too many restrictions. Yet, Leela insists that Dimpy’s actions have caused harm to their household and family, promising to never allow her to disrupt their peace again. She also makes it clear for Anupama not to get involved in this matter.

It is he who asks Anuj and Anupama to leave so he can handle the issue. They both leave. Anupama says Leela’s anger is due to Dimpy’s destruction of her house. She will not forgive Dimpy until her house is restored to normal. Leela’s anger is sending Samar and Dimpy far away from her, Hasmukh and Leela should know the truth about Kavya’s baby soon, and Vanraj needs to take action.

He asks Pakhi not to inform Anuj and Anupama about it since they will be upset if she does. Pakhi says she will ask them to include him in the project. He says he doesn’t want to upset them, so she won’t need to include him. Adhik grins at Pakhi. Vanraj offers syrup to Kavya. Kavya says they’ll tell his parents the truth. He walks away, saying he doesn’t want to talk about it.

They must clear up the issue, Kavya thinks. Anuj and Anupama reach the Gurukul, pray to Natraj to protect Guru Maa. A lady with servants walks in and asks who they are. She says she wants to meet Guru Maa Malti Devi/MD. She describes who MD is in a lengthy dialogue. The lady says she doesn’t work here and came here to take stuff.

With her patience wearing thin, Anupama stubbornly refuses to let anyone take the Natraj idol away. Anuj attempts to soothe her temper. The arrival of a new woman sparks Anupama’s curiosity. She inquires about Guru Maa’s whereabouts, only to learn that she has left the premises. Convinced that the same lady who caused them trouble at the temple is MD, Anupama vents her frustration once again before Anuj intervenes and hands his card to the woman, asking her to inform them if she comes across any information on MD. After taking possession of the idol, the lady leaves. Meanwhile, Nakul calls Anu back and faces an interrogative barrage from her regarding his whereabouts and Guru Maa’s situation. He reveals that he has taken over Guru Maa’s gurukul and invites Anupama to join him there. Without pausing, she loudly questions how he could betray Guru Maa and assumes that he expects her support as well. His call abruptly ends there.


Anupama says she is her Guru Maa who gave her so much respect after she had shattered. She searches for Guru Maa near the temple and finds her wandering around.


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