Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th October 2023 Written Update


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In response to his question, Angad asks Sahiba where she is going. She says she saw the room he wanted to show her. Angad says it’s their room. Sahiba says there’s nothing left of them in this room. Sahiba smiles at Seerat standing at the door of the room. Angad enters his room and looks at it. Sahiba thanks Angad for erasing all their memories from the room. Seerat asks Sahiba why he left like that, when Manveer loved the interiors.

Simran walks in and asks Angad where Sahiba is since she had come here to pick up her night dress and then party with her the whole night. Angad says nothing will change with the change of interiors. Sahiba said she had come here, but Seerat shooed her away saying most of her clothes were already gone and the rest was distributed among the staff. She asks Angad if anything went wrong with her.

Angad ignored Seerat’s question and grabbed a box from the cupboard. When she inquired about its contents, he replied that it was Sahiba’s belongings. As he walked away to talk to Sahiba, Seerat trailed behind, feeling envious. Angad approached Sahiba and asked if she was upset about the changes in their room. He clarified that he had nothing to do with it and it was actually Manveer and Seerat who were responsible. Sahiba accused him of prioritizing Seerat over her, as evidenced by letting her make decisions for him. Angad tried to explain that he had only said those words out of anger, but it seems like they fell on deaf ears. He pointed out that even though he had kept her hair clips, dress, and other items, it was up to her whether she wanted to use them or discard them like she had done with their relationship. Little did they know, Seerat was secretly listening in on their conversation and couldn’t help but smile slyly to herself.

After making Simran’s birthday arrangements the next morning, Inder asks the maid to look after Simran’s friends and parents. Veer flirts with Keerat. Keerat slaps him without seeing him and apologizes saying she thought Rumi was stalking her. Veer says he is concerned about Sahiba, hopes Rumi won’t return, and feels pain in his jaw.

Manveer praises Seerat’s dressing sense and criticizes Sahiba’s. Seerat thanks her mamma. Keerat apologizes. Simran greets her friends. Sahiba walks in. Angad looks handsome and Sahiba can’t compete with him. Seerat asks what about her. Manveer says she’s eager to announce Angad and Seerat’s wedding, they make a fine couple.

Seeing Keerat, Sahiba asks Veer what happened to his cheek. Veer says he was bit by a big fat mosquito. Keerat feels sorry. She takes Sahiba aside and asks why she’s hiding things from her these days, why didn’t she tell her about stalker Rumi, because she would have trashed Rumi. Sahiba describes how Angad saved her from Rumi and sent him to the USA. Keerat wonders what is happening between her and Angad and why there appears to be tension between them.

Sahiba hesitates. Angad walks to Sahiba to speak to her and clear their confusion when Simran walks up to them and insists they join her to cut her birthday cake. They both walk with her. Simran insists they cut the cake with her. They agree. Their bracelets entangle. The title track of Serial plays in the background. Both look at each other. Gurleen frees their bracelets.

Angad walks over to Manveer after cutting cake and tells him she must be confused as to why he brought Sahiba here. Manveer says she doesn’t mind since everyone wanted to celebrate Simran’s birthday. She asks him to wish her luck as she wants to make an important announcement today. Hansraj announces games and asks everyone to join them. Keerat takes Angad aside and says she would like to talk.

Sahiba says she should speak to him first. Keerat says Sahiba’s ego is hurt because he openly expressed his love for Seerat. Sahiba has a misunderstanding, which Angad tried to clarify, but she refused to listen. Sahiba wants to leave this house, and even he can’t stop her. Veer says he should not give up and keep trying to resolve the misunderstanding.


Simran’s birthday is celebrated by Sahiba. Manveer says Angad’s first choice was Seerat, Angad was tricked and married to Sahiba; she wants Angad to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat, and Sahiba gets upset and leaves. She tries to commit suicide, and Angad walks behind her and is shocked to see her.


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