Shiv Shakti (Zee) 19th August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 19th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shakti attempts to reach Rimjhim but Manorama informs her that she is at the salon preparing for the engagement. Chacha enters and shares that he has received an invitation from the Kashyp family for a pooja in the evening. Despite Manorama’s disapproval due to past insults, Chacha feels obligated as a priest to attend. Shakti overhears their conversation and wonders about the purpose of the function, considering Shiv’s somber mood. After Chacha leaves, Manorama notices that he forgot some items and offers to return them, but Shakti insists on doing so while promising not to enter their house. Eventually, Manorama agrees and allows Shakti to proceed with her plan.

When Ragunath and his family sit down to do the pooja, Chacha asks why they are doing it? Mandira answers that it is just for house peace. Ragunath asks why do you need to know? Chacha responds that I need to know so I can make prayers accordingly. Also, everyone in the family needs to be present, so where is Shiv? Nandu rushes to Shakti when she comes out of the house. He asks what she is doing here? She says that she came to give items to Cha Cha, he takes it and asks her to leave. Shakti asks what is going on here? Nandu says you have to leave.

Mandira informs Chacha that the pooja for the hospital will be taking place. Curious, Chacha inquires about Dr. Shiv’s whereabouts. Just then, Shiv makes an appearance. Shakti’s face lights up at the sight of him and she declares her intention to approach him. Nandu advises against it, noting that he is already facing some difficulties. Undeterred, Shakti insists on speaking with him. Mandira clarifies to Chacha that Keertan will perform the pooja and take over as managing director and main trustee of the hospital. This news leaves everyone stunned.

Keertan arrives and takes a seat in the pooja. Shakti is taken aback by what she sees and turns to Nandu for an explanation. He reveals that Shiv has been asked to resign from his position due to the negative impact his recent imprisonment has had on the hospital’s reputation. The flashback showcases how board members expressed their concerns over the public’s loss of trust in the hospital, leading them to make this decision. Despite Ragunath’s argument that Shiv was instrumental in building the hospital, the board stands firm on their authority to make decisions in the best interest of the hospital.

Ragunath expresses concern over the hospital’s management and wonders who will handle it like Shiv did. The board member then explains their decision to appoint Keertan for the position. Mandira objects, but Shiv supports the board’s choice and is ready to step down if it benefits the hospital. Mandira tries to convince him not to, but Shiv is willing to resign for the sake of the hospital’s reputation. Nandu shares with Shakti that this hospital means everything to Shiv and he put in a lot of effort to build it. However, he saved Shakti’s family at his own expense. Nandu pleads with Shakti to leave, as Shiv will lose everything by signing his resignation in the evening.

With a heavy heart, Shakti gazes at Shiv and declares that she, as his partner, is the only one who truly comprehends his pain. She assures him that she will not abandon him in this difficult time. Just then, Mandira emerges from the background and coldly remarks that there is nothing they can do now. She reminds Shakti that it was her actions that led to Shiv losing everything he owned by helping them. Mocking Shakti’s attempt to challenge her, she accuses her of making a grave mistake by trying to expose her. However, it was all in vain as Mandira had already taken precautionary measures and deleted the crucial CCTV footage before Shiv could see it. As a result, Shiv has no power left in the hospital and will be forced to submit his resignation by 7 PM today. Shakti is taken aback upon hearing this news.

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