Shiv Shakti (Zee) 5th August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 5th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Shakti calls Nandu, he says that Shiv is locked up and that he will not get bail. Shakti asks why? Shiv went against the minister to support you, and the minister’s daughter wanted the scholarship but he refused to give it to her, which is why he is taking revenge on him because of you. Don’t call Shiv again or be near him ever again. As Shakti points out, he’s right, but I’ll earn the right to reach out to Shiv, but how?

As she gazes upon his lab coat, her mind races back to the moment he bestowed it upon her with words of admiration and protection. Embracing the coat, tears stream down her face. On the other side, Shiv also hears a familiar voice calling out to him. Shakti acknowledges that it was through his actions that everything came to pass. Overcome with emotion, she cries for him. Meanwhile, Shiv takes responsibility for his role in the situation and apologizes to Shakti. She remembers his words about a doctor’s duty to prioritize their patient, and declares that she will no longer remain silent.

Mandira pleads with the lawyer to find a solution that doesn’t involve releasing Shiv from his cell. “I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do,” the lawyer responds. Mandira points out that Shiv is being punished despite his heroic act of saving a girl. “This is not just,” she declares, smirking at the thought of Shiv paying for his challenge against her. However, the lawyer reveals that there is a potential way to save Shiv. “How?” Mandira inquires eagerly. He explains that if the girl were to come and testify that Shiv did nothing wrong and only acted heroically, he would be released. Mandira immediately thinks about Shakti, but dismisses the idea since she doesn’t want her plan to be ruined. Shiv agrees: “We can’t call Shakti here, especially if she’s already in trouble.”

Ragunath asks him to shut up, he fought with goons to save her, and now he wants to stay in jail for her? I will bring that girl here. Mandira stops him and says you cannot go to that girl. Shiv says we cannot let him stay here because he is mentally ill. Mandira replies that she knows that, but she doesn’t want the media to see you go there. I will take her there.

Nandu approaches her and explains how Shakti can help bring Shiv out of jail. However, she dismisses his suggestion, reminding him that he couldn’t even take care of Shiv before and should stay put while she goes to get Shakti. Later on, Nandu contacts Shakti and shares the details of the situation. He emphasizes how Shiv selflessly saved Shakti from the goons and urges her to speak up for him so he can be released. As a responsible person, Shiv deserves justice while the real criminal should be punished. After considering her options, Shakti decides to leave.

Mandira contacts both Koyal and Keertan, emphasizing the importance of keeping the girl away from the police station at all costs. Koyal reassures Mandira that she and Keertan can handle it. Keertan declares his desire for Shiv to be imprisoned for a lengthy period. Mandira expresses her disappointment in them for a previous letdown, and reminds them to prevent Nandu from bringing Shakti to the station. As she hangs up, Mandira insists that Shiv must face consequences for claiming to have a higher status than her.

Shakti informs Rimjhim of her plan to go to the police station, but Rimjhim reminds her of Manorama’s disapproval. When Manorama brings food and asserts that she is still a mother, Shakti stops her and invokes her previous advice to surround herself with supportive friends. She explains that Shiv needs her help after saving her from goons and being unjustly imprisoned. However, Manorama expresses concerns about societal judgment and insists that as not a young girl anymore, Shakti should not leave the house under any circumstances. With Manorama gone, Shakti worries about how to save Shiv now.

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