Shiv Shakti 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti and Rimjhim’s Emotional Confrontation

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Rimjhim tells Shakti that she cannot handle the fact that I have found something better than her. Despite always having everything, she considered me beneath her. I mistakenly believed Keertan was not serious about me and listened to you because I trusted you. However, you have now demonstrated that our sisterhood is not genuine. If it were, you wouldn’t be envious of me. Our family has always treated you as one of our own, but you have shown that blood is thicker than water. I was naive to think that my sister would never cause me pain, but in reality, you are just a girl and my cousin who happens to live here.

All that makes Shakti cry. Manorama comes over and says: “Don’t forget that Shakti always protected you. She’d get hurt trying to protect you.” She scolds Rimjhim for saying all that to Shakti. Your actions will be attributed to her. Rimjhim says Shakti wants to end my relationship with Keertan. She said yes before you but told Shiv to stop this proposal. Manorama asks why. Rimjhim says she is jealous because Keertan loves me, but Shiv doesn’t love her.

Manorama reprimands Rimjhim for her constant negative remarks about Shakti. She reminds her that Keertan is fulfilling his promise to bring a proposal, so there’s no need for such talk. Manorama also assures Rimjhim that Shakti loves her deeply, even more than her parents. In contrast, Keertan’s love pales in comparison to Shakti’s. Later, Manorama advises Rimjhim to show respect towards their uncle (Chacha) and exits the room. Despite Shakti’s tears and pleas, Rimjhim adamantly stands by her previous accusations until she demands that Shakti leave the room and lock the door behind her. Both of them are left heartbroken in the aftermath. As Shakti sobs over their memories together, Rimjhim is filled with regret for her actions.

Keertan confronts Mandira, accusing her of deceiving Shiv by saying they were going to Rimjhim’s proposal for Keertan when she had ulterior motives. He is disappointed and disbelieving that she would use her son for personal gain. Mandira defends herself, claiming that everything she has done is for Keertan’s benefit – she wants him to become the managing director. However, Keertan disagrees, stating that he does not care about becoming MD and only wants Shakti. He expresses frustration at Mandira’s plan to get Shakti married to Shiv instead. He accuses her of always putting her self-interest above her son’s happiness and declares that he will now do the same. Baffled, Mandira asks him what he means by this statement.

Keertan declares it’s time to reveal the truth and show everyone your true colors. He attempts to leave, but she halts him and promises that he will achieve his desires. Keertan insists, explaining that he won’t be deceived any longer and will expose you to the entire family. Despite Mandira’s attempts to stop him, he gathers everyone in the lounge. As they all assemble, Dadi queries what is going on. Koyal interjects, suggesting that Keertan is overjoyed for the upcoming nuptials. She urges him to calm down and behave himself. Meanwhile, Padma suspects something is amiss, while Mandira admits their actions are purposeful. Dadi playfully comments that Keertan seems as excited as if it were his wedding. Just then, Shiv arrives, causing Mandira to panic once again.

We always celebrated Diwali together, and now Rimjhim is angry at me. She gets the lawyer’s call, and he tells her that Ranjan is free and coming to your house with his family.

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