Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Poorvi Stands Up for RV

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When Poorvi asks Dadi how she can do it, she is told that RV’s respect is your respect, this house’s respect. Dadi tells her to leave the RV. The episode begins when Dadi tells Poorvi they will return together as they go together. Dadu tells Dadi that she will go to a temple and pray while he reads the Hanuman Chalisa and then go to the PS. Poorvi meets Monisha at the PS. She asks if she didn’t feel ashamed to do all that in her room.

Monisha reminds Poorvi to stay within her boundaries. However, Poorvi insists that she has followed the rules and accuses Monisha of crossing the line. She asserts that she was aware of Monisha’s scheme after overhearing her conversation with the waiter. Poorvi admits to purposely drinking the water Monisha had sent and then going to the washroom, where she vomited it out. She reveals that she knew Monisha was trying to harm her and Ranveer during their honeymoon trip, but she refused to let her succeed. She proudly proclaims that Dadi and Dadu had sent Ranveer and her on this trip together as a celebration of their love, and this is a triumph of good over evil. She points out how karma has caught up with Monisha, who is now in jail for her malicious intentions.

Monisha tells Poorvi not to overthink. She will prove the difference between right and wrong. Poorvi points out that Monisha is in jail and urges her to consider her actions. She reminds Monisha of their previous encounter, where she had entered Poorvi’s room uninvited. This behavior goes against Poorvi’s values. Monisha denies any wrongdoing, claiming that RV had approached her and even got into bed with her. However, Poorvi interrupts her, stating that if RV truly wanted to be with her, he would have done so long ago and not waited for their honeymoon. She warned Monisha, telling her not to interfere in her marriage with RV or she would forget that they are sisters through Deepika.

Monisha asks about Poorvi’s marriage. Poorvi responds that the person she married is now her husband. Monisha reminds her that RV only married Poorvi out of pity and has to marry Monisha. However, Poorvi asserts that their marriage has already occurred, and he is her husband. She declares she will not tolerate anyone interfering in their relationship, as she is his wife. Monisha threatens by saying she will make Poorvi regret her words, but Poorvi confidently responds that she knows Monisha’s limits. Monisha warns that time will reveal everything, to which Poorvi coolly replies that she did not enjoy talking to Monisha. Monisha wonders why Deepika hasn’t arrived yet.

Deepika approaches Lawyer Rajnish, informing him that a friend referred her. She explains that her sister and brother-in-law were arrested during a police raid at their hotel room. She requests Rajnish’s help in bailing them out. Rajnish inquires about the availability of judges but regretfully informs Deepika that no one can bail them out. However, he mentions that if her sister’s husband was married, his wife could have helped him get released from custody. Deepika listens intently as Vaishali questions Monisha’s urgency while Jaswant wonders what led to the police raid and suggests that someone might have filed a complaint.

Harman is behind the wheel, with Harleen as his passenger. She requests to pick up speed, but the vehicle stops. She inquires, “Why did you stop?” Harman replies, “There seems to be an issue with the car.” Vikrant exits the car and offers to take over driving duties. Deepika suggests letting Vikrant drive, implying that there may be an issue with Harman’s driving skills. However, Harman defends himself by stating he has 40 years of driving experience compared to Vikrant’s 15. He steps out of the car as Vikrant attempts to start it, but it won’t budge. At that moment, Jaswant calls Harman and informs him about their car breaking down on the way.

When Poorvi visits RV in jail, he assumes she must have come to gloat at his imprisonment. She insists that it was a mistake, and she feels guilty for causing his suffering. The man in the lock-up asks if she is RV’s wife, which RV denies, but Poorvi confirms. The man scolds her for being a disrespectful wife. RV tells her to leave, but Poorvi reminds him how much he respected her when he allowed her into their room. She explained that she had come to help him and was going to see the inspector. However, RV rejects her offer of help, reminding her that she was the one who got him arrested in the first place. Poorvi maintains her innocence and says she did not do anything wrong.

Monisha thinks about Poorvi’s words and asks the constable to lock her in another cell or move her. The lady constable argues with Monisha and says she will shift her. Monisha threatens to take them to court. The inspector orders the Constable to lock her. Monisha asks RV to save her. RV asks her to remain quiet. Poorvi has come and has been laughing at me and insulting me. As soon as I leave here, RV says I will see her.


Poorvi asks RV to think and then shouts at her. She asks the Inspector to leave RV since he is innocent. The inspector asks what about the girl. Poorvi says you can keep her for a while.

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