Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

The episode begins with Akshay apologizing to Prachi and asking her to forgive him. Prachi asks him to leave her alone for a while. Ashok asks him to leave. Akshay leaves. Prachi tells Ashok that she is his family, that she is more valuable to him than Akshay, and that all these businesses and companies are useless.

You are my tigress daughter, and if you leave me, then the business can be handled, but how I will handle myself, he says. Prachi asks him to give her some time since she is his daughter. She takes her box and leaves the office. Akshay stops her and says I know you don’t want to talk to me, but I want to talk to you and says this place is not the right place for personal talks, and asks her to let him come to her house and say his words once.

Prachi says ok, but don’t follow me as I am already feeling strange. Akshay nods and turns to Ashok, saying Prachi isn’t talking to him. Having no idea what she has been through in the past, Ashok tells her that his happiness lies in their happiness, and asks him to give her some space.

I will ask her sister Rhea what happened to Akshay in her past. He says I want to know why she is afraid of love, what is stopping her. Ashok says do not do it, she will tell us when she is ready. Akshay says he wants to know everything she keeps in her heart. He says he does not know her past to judge her, but I want to heal her wounds as I love her. He says I do not want her to get hurt, and I want to fill her life with happiness.

Ashok says, ok, do as you think right? I’m proud of you. Akshay thinks he doesn’t have Rhea’s number, so he messages Vikram to send Rhea’s number. He sends the number. Akshay thinks he got it, so he calls her. Ranbir thinks about Rhea’s words and goes to the lift. He says I will tell her I don’t want to marry her.

He calls Rhea, but she doesn’t pick up. Ranbir says I’ll tell her when she calls me. Prachi comes from the other side holding the box. They go to the lift together. When Prachi walks into the lift, Ranbir stands outside and gets into the lift. As he tries to press the button, the box falls from Prachi’s hand and the papers fall into the lift.

A song plays as Ranbir holds Prachi and they look at one another. Ranbir picks up the paper and helps her. There is a flicker in the lift light, and then everything is fine. Prachi congratulates you on your marriage. Ranbir says even Akshay is a good guy. Ranbir says you like Akshay. Prachi says you like Rhea. Ranbir praises her for being understanding.

I know she is my sister. Ranbir says not like her. He tells Prachi that Rhea values his happiness and takes care of him. Prachi asks if I used to beat her. Ranbir wonders if I threw you on the side. Prachi tells that if she ever sneezes or coughs, Akshay will bring a doctor.

They argue with each other. The lift gets stuck. Prachi asks what you did. Ranbir says I helped him propose to you. Prachi says that’s why he proposed in front of everyone. The guard notices the lift stuck in the CCTV room. Akshay asks what happened. They all hear the alarm. The guard explains that Prachi and Ranbir are trapped. Akshay confronts the technician, asking why he did not get out of the lift.

He says they are in danger. Prachi says that’s why I am silent. The technician says the lift can fall at any time. Ranbir calls her and says how are you? Prachi asks him to tell her that they are in danger. Ranbir calls her and says hi, how are you? Prachi shouts that she and Ranbir are in the lift at the same time and the receptionist tells her that there is only one cable for the lift.

Rhea calls Akshay and says she saw his name on the app. She knows he called to inquire about Prachi.

He tells her that they are stuck in a lift. Rhea asks him to call Prachi and she will call Ranbir. Prachi and Ranbir pick up the phone.

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