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Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Akshay and Prachi arriving at their home. Manpreet inquires about any new developments, to which Akshay responds negatively. Upon seeing a flute, Prachi becomes emotional and thinks of Khushi. Akshay then feigns making a phone call while Prachi breaks down and sits on the ground. Concerned, Manpreet and Akshay help her up and offer her a seat instead. Manpreet reminds Prachi how Khushi would feel if she saw her mother crying. Feeling guilty, Prachi expresses that she is not a good mother and couldn’t take care of her daughter. She regrets not having a close relationship like her own mother did with her. In despair, she wishes God had chosen someone else to be Khushi’s mother and believes that she should die for being such a failure as a parent.

You are a good mother, Manpreet says. Prachi says no, I will die. Manpreet slaps her and says you are a good mother. She says she knows that you married Akshay to have Khushi. She says you are a good mother, and I will bless you. She says you will get Khushi soon, and you will love her, and she asks her to trust her. Prachi asks if I will get my daughter. Manpreet says yes.

Ashok and Vishaka arrive there. Prachi asks Ashok to search for her daughter and says I was making milkshakes for her, and she doesn’t know where she went. Akshay smiles. Ashok says we will find Khushi and says he hired a detective who is an expert in child care and kidnapping. She will be here soon.

The man in the lockup tells Ranbir that the court will be closed for three days and you can’t wait. If you keep waiting, either she will be injured or killed, he says.

Ashok asks Prachi to call the investigator. Vishaka asks Akshay what happened? Akshay is tensed and says, “I hope I get my daughter and the investigator finds her!” A doorbell rings. Prachi opens the door. Ashok asks her to come inside. Ritika greets her and Ashok introduces his family. Ritika says she has all the information you gave me on the phone and asks him to tell her if she is missing anything. Khushi was brought from the hostel by your son.

Vishaka says for Janmasthami celebration. Ritika says Khushi was last seen with Ranbir Kohli and the dancer and you have doubts about the former, Prachi’s husband. She says I want to ask questions to everyone separately, and that tonight will be big, and I need black coffee. My team will set up the work place, she says.

He says he’ll help Ranbir. He says you’re here with me, so you’re helping me, he says. The guy says I’m here with my choice, and tells him that he had a daughter too, and that she was murdered by a man who was arguing with him, and then he killed him. After I got arrested, he says the lawyer proved my mental condition wasn’t good, and I was released.

“He insists that your daughter be saved from the devil. Ranbir inquires, ‘Whom?’ He is referring to the man who came to see you. He claims to have noticed an evil smirk on his face and believes him to be inhuman. Ranbir agrees with his assessment. The man proposes they pretend to fight and then proceed to Akshay’s house to follow him. Ranbir concurs with the plan. As they engage in a staged scuffle, a constable and inspector arrive with a thief in tow. The constable unlocks their holding cell, attempting to stop the fight. Seizing the opportunity, Ranbir and his companion break free from confinement and make a run for it while the inspector and others are preoccupied with the thief.”

As she also has a daughter of Khushi’s age, Ritika says she understands how she feels. Akshay gets tense as he asks Ashok if the investigating officer is good. Ashok says you’ll tell everyone about this. Ashok says the guilty person cannot be saved. Vishaka asks Ashok why she is asking Prachi. Ashok says she finds the truth with her eyes, like an X-ray machine. Akshay gets tense.

Ritika inquires about Prachi’s relationship with Akshay. After a brief pause, Prachi shares that their dynamic is not conventional, but they have a deep mutual respect. She mentions that Akshay’s love for Khushi keeps him preoccupied with phone calls to locate her. Ritika then shifts the conversation to Prachi’s relationship with Ranbir. With a sigh, Prachi reveals it is strained due to Ranbir being there for his sister Mihika’s marriage to Akshay. In response, Ritika reaches out to Akshay and he confirms his suspicions about Ranbir orchestrating the kidnapping in order to win over Prachi. Despite this revelation, Ritika reminds him that Ranbir will soon be marrying his own sister.

I know Ranbir and know how he is, so Akshay says it is a drama. Mihika is mad about Ranbir, and nobody wants to know about him, but I know him. Police are behind Ranbir and the guy as they escape on the bike. The guy tells him to take the bike in a narrow lane, because the Jeep cannot enter.

A goon Rana reaches Akshay’s house and calls him. Ritika sees Akshay rejecting the call. As Ranbir rides his bike in the narrow lane, the inspector stops the car and asks the constable to keep the checkposts everywhere. He comes out and threatens the goon, telling him not to be smart in front of him. He gives the promised money and the goon asks him to behave himself.

If the kidnapping is for ransom, we will get a call, Ritika says. Prachi says we are doubting the wrong person. Manpreet says he is with the police. Ashok says he might have fixed someone to call us. Akshay gives money to Rana and asks him to call and ask for ransom, and everyone will think Ranbir asked you to do so. Ritika asks them to trust her and says she hasn’t been able to solve a single case. She asks where Akshay is?

Khushi won’t suffer until Akshay tells Rana, and then you’ll know what to do. Rana says what you’re saying, she’s a little girl. Akshay hugs him and asks him to take work as work, not to get personal, saying Khushi is not your daughter. He sees Prachi and hides with Rana. He asks Rana to hide, then goes to Prachi and makes an excuse. Despite our bad actions, we have a heart for a small girl. He calls this man a beast.

While riding the bike, Ranbir sees Rana driving and asks him to stop, asking where is my daughter? Ranbir asks him to stop the car and asks why the bike does not speed up. He speeds up the car and thinks how did he come here, he will catch me. He stops his car at the check point. The Inspector asks the driver about Ranbir showing his photo.

The driver of a car claims he did not see. The guy says they are searching for you. Ranbir says you have escaped from the PS. The guy says even you have escaped. He tells Ranbir to find somewhere to hide. Having already checked the dancer’s decky, Ranbir decides to sit in it. He gets his mobile and asks him to meet him whenever he calls. As Ranbir sits in the car decky, he thinks he will reach Khushi where the dancer goes.


In a call to Prachi, Ranbir says their daughter will be found, as he has arrived there. Prachi says Ranbir. Ranbir says yes, your Ranbir. Prachi asks where Khushi is? Mihika snatches the phone from Prachi’s hand and tells him nobody will trace Ranbir’s call, so let him search Khushi. Akshay gets angry and slaps her.

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