Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya

When Aaliya shouts at Rhea, she says they will take revenge on her. Why did you do this, she asks. She says they would have roamed court for years, I had planned everything, they wouldn’t have shown their faces to anyone and they wouldn’t have earned their respect.

Rhea expressed her frustration with the potentially long court case, which would have risked ruining their reputations. Aaliya suggested they leverage the domestic violence angle to secure alimony, and in a moment of clarity, Rhea chose to end the dispute. She spoke of being weighed down by people’s negative views of her as a daughter, wife and sister, and asserted that she no longer wanted to do bad to anyone – instead, she wanted to be able to look at herself in the mirror. To put this into practice, she intends to become an aunt and face Prachi’s child with pride.

It is her belief that if I have even one-tenth of goodness in myself, I should save it. I have been doing bad to everyone since my college days, and I had a dream that Ranbir would throw Prachi out of his life, but look how my negativity got me here and Prachi’s positivity got her there. She says she lost everyone and Prachi got them. She says she used to fall and Prachi would lift her up. She says it was unacceptable for me to accuse Prachi of sleeping with Sid.

She asks Aaliya to accept the defeat. Aaliya says Aaliya Khanna can never lose and pushes Rhea. She says you have lost everything and because of you, I have lost everything. Rhea says you are a big loser, I have never seen someone like you before. It makes her feel disgusted to see you and I don’t want to be like you. Aaliya hits Rhea with a punch and asks why you dare.

She asks her to don’t dare me loser. Rhea says what to call you and says you can’t separate Mom and Dad, so how are you going to separate Prachi and Ranbir? They are both in a coma, but together. She says someone else must have done this, otherwise, they would have died and wouldn’t have been in the coma. Rhea ask who is responsible for their condition? Aaliya pushes Rhea to the floor.

Prachi gets up and tells Ranbir that she wants Pani puri. He says it is late at night. Prachi says she wants it. He says I was unaware of the cravings. He then asks Prachi to smile and then brings pani puri to the house. Prachi smiles. As your Bau ji is the world’s best papa, we are very lucky, you and your mother. She says we will do a hi-five and prays Ranbir won’t drive too fast.

Aaliya is driving the car and recalls Rhea asking who wanted to kill her Mom and Dad in cold storage. She holds Rhea’s hand and says I know where they are? She says they are in the hospital. She locks Rhea in the room and says she will not leave Pragya. Now that you have reminded me that I am such a loser, Pragya won’t live even one more day, she says. She says Abhi Bhai will be alive, but Pragya won’t. Facebook ends. Aaliya drinks and drives recklessly.

Rhea attempts to escape from the window and succeeds. Prachi talks affectionately to the baby, jokingly exclaiming that they’ll make their Papa miserable – and then it will be amusing. However, when she receives a call and finds out that it is her Papa on the line, she listens as he states he will make it to his Centenarian years – before dropping the phone in alarm when Rhea speaks up. The other voice discloses that their Grandma has barred Rhea inside of the house and expresses concern for their Mother; this horrifies Prachi into abruptly leaving her own abode in order to help her sister.

In front of the Golgappa seller, Ranbir says that his wife wants a golgappa. Bansi asks, didn’t you see the time? Ranbir says she’s pregnant. Bansi’s wife says she will make it. Ranbir gets Prachi’s call again, but he doesn’t pick it. Bansi asks if your wife is actually pregnant. Ranbir replies yes. He picks up Prachi’s call, but cannot hear. Rhea blames herself and knocks on her door. She believes she has a chance, but she cannot save her parents. She feels helpless.

Aaliya comes to the hospital and sees Abhi and Pragya. Pragya is told that today she will kill her, but Abhi Bhai will stay here, and will take his breath. She says that today you will separate. Prachi runs and reaches City hospital. Aaliya removes the oxygen mask and the life support system. Rhea tries to open the door and finally does.

Aaliya says Bhai and you will be separated. The light goes out because of a short circuit. Aaliya tells the ward boy that light will return. Prachi asks Aaliya not to do this. Aaliya says your sister provoked me to do this, and called me a loser. Prachi asks how Maa will take breath. She says Rhea and I will apologize to you. Prachi informs Aaliya that Abhi’s mask has been removed.

She says that everyone has to die, even you and your child, as well as your sister. Prachi feels pain in her stomach. She screams for help, but no one comes. Aaliya laughs loudly. Prachi breaks the door with the vase, opens it, and gets inside. She calls for the doctor. The doctor and nurse arrive, and Prachi asks him to look at her father and mother. Aaliya silently leaves.

Rhea comes running to the road and shouts for help, to get the lift, but the car does not stop. Ranbir comes in his car. Rhea comes in front of Ranbir’s car. He stops the car when he sees her. She asks, didn’t you go to the hospital? He asks if Prachi is fine. He says my mother is in danger, and he asks her to go.

Rhea asks what happened? She says Buji went to kill my mother and cries. She says I called Prachi and thought she had informed you, and you both went there. Buji will kill her. Ranbir says nothing will happen to your Maa and Chief. They leave. Doctor checks Abhi and Pragya. Prachi asks him to check and feels pain. She says she won’t leave you, Aaliya.

Prachi cries and tells Rhea that Aaliya Buji murdered Maa and Papa. Prachi swears to punish Aaliya on their 13th death day. Aaliya smiles at Rhea.

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