Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira’s Stand for Independence

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Kaveri tells Abhira that girls from the Poddar family cannot study and work outside of the house. However, during an interview, Abhira reminds her of Kaveri’s statement that girls should pursue education. She points out that this household is a barrier for the Poddar family girls. Kaveri then mentions that Abhira is a daughter-in-law of this home and instructs her to prepare for Makar Sankranti. In response, Abhira declares that she will only obey Kaveri’s orders once permission to study and work is granted. Kaveri firmly declares that she will never allow Abhira to pursue education or employment under any circumstances.

Armaan takes Abhira from there. He asks her why she talked to Kaveri about it when he says he will speak to her later. Abhira tells him that Kaveri broke her promise, and Armaan will also break his trust. She asks him how he can help her when he cannot do anything for Charu. She asks Abhira to stop it. She asks Abhira whether she wants to ruin Armaan’s life. In her opinion, Armaan gets scolded by his family members for having Abhira around.

According to Abhira, Armaan also faces problems, so it is more than just Abhira struggling. She adds that she is also a feminist, but because of that, she doesn’t behave rudely with elders. Abhira tells Ruhi she could become the number one daughter-in-law of the Poddar family. She says that she dreams of becoming the daughter-in-law of the Poddar family. In response, she asks Ruhi why she feels terrible for Armaan when he is her husband.

Abhira lists Kaveri and Ruhi’s rude behaviour. Armaan says that Ruhi cares about Abhira. Abhira says that she won’t let anyone stand in her way. Abhira prepares everything for Makar Sankranti puja. Vidya assures Abhira that everything is fine. Ruhi wonders what happened to Abhira today. Armaan is glad Abhira did not do anything wrong today. Armaan and Abhira make an aarti together. He assures her that her dream will indeed be fulfilled.

Ruhi sees them. Later, Armaan reads Abhira’s letter and learns that Abhira left the house. He tells Ruhi about it. Armaan tells Ruhi to handle family because they shouldn’t know about it. He goes to find Abhira. Ruhi prays for Abhira’s safety.

Armaan searches for Abhira. The media reporter sees Abhira and recognizes her. He records her without her knowledge. Kaveri welcomes Manish, Swarna, and Surekha. Ruhi meets her family. Kaveri tells them there’s a surprise for them. They watch the breaking news. According to the reporter, Abhira was thrown out of her home by the Poddar family. Kaveri tells Armaan that she won’t forgive him if he does not bring Abhira home.

Abhira declined to give an interview to a media reporter and promptly left. As she was leaving, a group of guys decided to tease her. Seeing this, Vandana stepped in and beat them up. Armaan then arrived on the scene and threatened the boys before they ran away. Vandana mentioned that she had been to the Radha Krishan temple. Grateful for her help, Abhira and Armaan thanked Vandana. In light of the upcoming Makar Sankranti celebration, Armaan invited Vandana to join them. However, Abhira refused to go home, leading to an argument between her and Armaan. Observing their behaviour, Vandana remarked that they were acting like children.

Pammi asks Kaveri about her new daughter-in-law. Krish takes the microphone and announces the singer’s performance. The singer starts singing. The youngest members of the Poddar family dance. Armaan brings Abhira and Vandana. Kaveri blesses Vandana. Pammi compliments Abhira and takes her inside. Armaan apologizes to Kaveri on behalf of Abhira and tells her he organized a press conference for her.

Ruhi tells Abhira that it is good that she has returned safely. Abhira tells Armaan and Vandana about her plan. A media reporter questions Abhira. She says Kaveri wanted her to become independent, so she fled the house. The media reporters praise Kaveri for her decision to study and work. Everyone claps. Vandana recalls how she used to sing. She dances on Pammi and Kaveri’s advice. Abhira joins Vandana.


Abhira and Armaan become friends. Ruhi wonders why she feels attracted to Armaan.

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