Kumkum Bhagya 6th March 2024 Written Episode Update: RV and Poorvi’s Honeymoon Drama

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Kumkum Bhagya 6th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Dadaji and Dadi praise Prachi’s food, Deepika asks Purvi if she knows about Dadaji’s sugar intake. Purvi says she is unaware of it. Upon hearing this, Monisha tells Purvi they cannot trust her with any responsibility because she doesn’t know these things. Purvi says she went to the kitchen to make sweets but got some work, so she went into the room to find their RV naked. Deepika asks Purvi why she hasn’t made sweets for Dadaji.

Upon hearing this, Purvi clarifies that RV had been in a towel when tangled on the bed. Dadi teases Purvi and RV. Monisha asks everyone to stop. Deepika makes up a reason for covering up for Monisha. Purvi receives honeymoon tickets from Dadaji and is asked to pack her bags for their honeymoon. RV objects to it, saying he can’t go on a honeymoon. When she hears about RV and Purvi’s honeymoon, Monisha leaves, and Deepika follows after her.

Monisha questions Deepika’s behaviour, stating that it cannot continue. She reminds Deepika of the recent events and mentions that it’s fortunate that RV refused to go on a honeymoon. Monisha suggests keeping RV away from Purvi and their home for now. Harleen and the others attempt to persuade Dadaji that RV cannot go on a honeymoon. Dadi asks Hermal why there is an issue with RV going on a honeymoon, as he seems fine. Vaishali attempts to intervene, but Hermal stops her and hints at her indirectly. Eventually, Vaishali agrees.

They can’t go on a honeymoon because RV has some critical meetings. RV agrees and says he can’t miss them. As a solution to his problem, Dadaji says Hermal and Jaswant will attend the sessions instead of him, and Yug will help them both as he knows all about RV’s business. Despite RV’s efforts, Dadaji does not allow him to say no and asks him to pack his bags.

Monisha tells Deepika that she must take RV away from this place as they have no control. Deepika urges Monisha to stop overthinking, go to the RV, and make the necessary arrangements for their departure. Curious, Monisha asks Deepika why she will help her become her sister-in-law and what she will gain from it. In response, Deepika explains that if Monisha becomes RV’s wife, she will have the power to reign over the household as Monisha desires. She also mentions how being RV’s wife will result in constant comparisons and criticism from others. Convinced by Deepika’s reasoning, Monisha agrees to approach RV and ask him to book their tickets.

When Prachi calls Purvi, she doesn’t answer. Prachi worries about Purvi. Manpreet calms Prachi down and tells her to set her phone aside. Prachi agrees and leaves. Purvi returns to her room, thinking she doesn’t want to go on a honeymoon with RV. She decides to tell Prachi about it and sees that Prachi has called numerous times, so she calls back, but Prachi doesn’t answer.

Diya wakes up late and talks to Manpreet and Prachi. They informed Diya that they would visit the RV’s house today at 11 am. When Diya hears this, she gets ready. Purvi realizes that if she tells Prachi she does not want to go on a honeymoon with RV, she cannot tell her why, so she stops calling her.

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