Main Hoon Saath Tere 8th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Janvi and Aryaman’s Unexpected Encounter

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 8th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Kian gets stuck in a room trying to hide from someone while Janvi waits outside the washroom. Seeing Kian not coming out, Janvi checks the men’s dressing room. She is reminded that it is the wrong place by the men. They report Janvi to the General Manager (GM). Janvi is warned and taken away by the GM, who threatens to suspend her if it happens again.

During this time, Prince practices cricket while Raina returns home angry. Abhay asks why Raina is upset. Raina complains that Ujwala prevented Brij Bhushan from making his will. Abhay insists on keeping his room, which irritates Raina. She will inherit the majority of the property. Raina thinks Aryaman left for Australia, but Abhay mentions that wildfires cancelled flights. She called the GM to find out where Aryaman was.

Raina sends his photo to the GM, who does not know Aryaman. Feeling down about failing an interview, Aryaman hears noises from the storeroom and checks it. Aryaman asks if someone is inside. Kian, hiding quietly, can’t open the door. Aryaman spots Kian’s legs under the door and guides Kian to unlock it. Aryaman promises to take him to his mother if the GM finds him.

Seeing the GM watch her, Janvi is prevented from searching for Kian. After she has sent the GM away, she accuses Aryaman of kidnapping Kian. Kian clarifies Aryaman helped him twice. Aryaman complains about his job rejection to Kian. He pleads with Janvi to give Aryaman a chance. Raina sends Aryaman’s photo to the GM, who announces Brij Bhushan’s son is here, watching over Aryaman.


As Aryaman excitedly jumps off the bed, he proudly reveals his title as the gold medalist in high jumping to Janvi. Eager to begin his training, he asks when they can start. Without hesitation, Janvi declares that they will begin immediately and requests a bedsheet placed on the bed. While Aryaman attempts to do so, Janvi kindly offers to take over and reaches for the bedsheet. However, as she tugs at it from one side of the bed, Aryaman playfully pulls back from the other side, causing them both to tumble onto the bed. Unbeknownst to them, Raina enters the room and discovers Aryaman and Janvi lying near the bed.

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