Kumkum Bhagya 1st February update

Kumkum Bhagya

As the episode begins, Aryan asks Ranbir to save him and says I do not want to marry this girl. If he doesn’t like her, Ranbir asks him not to judge her by her looks, but by her behaviour. He says she came from a long way and deserves your help. He asks Aryan to speak with her. Pallavi brings the girl to Aryan. Ranbir says Aryan made my eye fine.


Palavi says I am your mom and I know you. She asks Aryan to meet Damini and speak with her. Ranbir says I will leave. Aryan asks why you are leaving me on the battlefield. Ranbir replies that if you loved someone, then you would not have ended up in an arranged marriage. Damini asks Aryan if he is nervous. He says no, why would I be nervous?

In response to Damini’s question, Aryan answers that his brother is a junior manager with a company, but he was previously an owner of several companies. Damini asks if he is married. Aryan says he has no one in his life now, but someone special in his heart. In spite of the fact that you are good, Damini said, “I don’t want to marry you.” Aryan thanks her for saving him, and Damini asks him to tell them he doesn’t want this alliance.

As girls’ levels are high, Aryan asks her to reject him. Damini asks him, where is his heart? Aryan answers, that girl stole my heart and left, and I didn’t know when she did this. Shahana collides with a man and thinks Aryan was best. She thinks he didn’t call her even once and she thinks of him. She says even I don’t like him and she misses him. She says I’m mad to think about him.

The guard tells Kaya no cars came for me. Kaya gets upset at Ranbir. A car comes by. She asks the driver if he came for her. The driver says Prachi came there. Prachi arrives. Kaya asks if the car is yours. Prachi says it’s my hotel car. She says you can come with me if you like.

The driver is missing, Kaya asks Ranbir. Ranbir asks her to wait. She ends the call and goes with Prachi. She asks Prachi to tell her about herself, her likes and dislikes, and hobbies and dislikes. Prachi asks her what she doesn’t like. Kaya says the people who don’t value time and Dad when he scolds me and my boyfriend who wants to know everything about me, what I do, what I eat.

Prachi says it was much. Kaya asks what kind of guy she likes. Prachi gets sad. She tells Kaya to move on, and Kaya says we won’t lose our tears or time over people who don’t value us. Kaya says I have come and will make you forget that guy. Prachi says I tried, but I couldn’t do it.

She tells Ranbir he wants all the flowers and wants her to go to school. She says she used to go to a government school and helped Maayi sell flowers. Ranbir says you talk so well. She says you talk a lot as well. She asks him if he has met the woman mentioned in the chit. He doesn’t. Khushi tells him he will meet the person.

She says whatever you think from your heart will come true. Ranbir says I met you, you told me the truth. He says you gave me 3 flowers, so take 90 Rs. Khushi says I gave one to make you smile. She says you are cute like Ranbir Kapoor, but that doesn’t mean you are stubborn. She asks him to give her 60 Rs and says I will give you a new flower with a new fortune message. Ranbir says ok, my little partner.

He is in the car, reading the card that says he will meet someone tomorrow who will make his heart happy. Khushi reassures him to stay positive and he responds with a sweet nickname. As soon as he leaves, she confides in her friend that she feels like she knows him, and then tells Prachi about a beautiful woman she spotted yesterday. Kaya invites Prachi out to the club; something she usually avoids, but Kaya insists on it being an effective way to forget her painful past. Prachi turns her down and the car comes to a halt at a traffic signal.

The lady in the car says she will give her money, so Khushi runs behind the car and falls down. Prachi gets down and comes to Khushi. As the lady gets out of her car, Prachi scolds her. She gives her money. Khaushi waits there while she gets a water bottle from the car and asks Kaya to give it to her. Kaya gives it to her. Prachi leaves.

He calls Kaya and says your car came and is asking her to come. Kaya says she left with Prachi, so I took the lift from her. Ranbir thinks it’s Priya and misunderstands her to be Prachi.

Kaya tells Ranbir that she must be happy to travel with her new friend. She says that she is not a burden to anyone and that Prachi offered her a lift. Ranbir says she’s happy, Kaya says I’m happy too. Khushi is made to drink water and told to not run behind the car by Prachi, and she is asked to promise not to.

Khushi promises her and keeps her hand on Prachi’s. Prachi becomes emotionally attached and recalls little Panchi. Khushi says you have done this for me, even though you don’t know me, and that you must be very proud of your daughter. Prachi says I don’t have a daughter. Khushi says I’m your daughter. Prachi becomes more emotional.

Khushi asks Prachi to take the flower and read the chit which is along with it. Prachi reads the chit that she will meet someone she can see with closed eyes too. Prachi asks if she will meet Ranbir.

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