Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Jasleen thinks let them celebrate now, they will realize their mistake once Seerat becomes their DIL. Brars dance and take Angad’s baraat towards the wedding venue. Sahiba and Keerat watch baraat from behind windows. Seerat elopes. Brars and Mongas greet each other.

Angad is asked to bring her daughter soon by Bebe. Santosh walks into Seerat’s room and finds her nowhere. She finds a letter that says she cannot marry Angad because she loves someone else whom she will love to meet, she is eloping with him and she will meet her soon. In shock, she shatters.

Brars eagerly awaits Seerat’s arrival. Jasleen remarks that she is, as usual, late, and this constitutes a bad habit. Darji states that it must cease once the marriage takes place. Gurleen jests that Angad would need to allow extra time when waiting for her. Sahiba proposes to Keerat to go and inspect why Seerat is tardy. Santosh assumes Seerat is in the bathroom and recollects her dream of having her daughter marry into wealth. She unlocks the bathroom door only to be met with emptiness, leaving her distraught at the realization that all hopes have been extinguished. In despair, she concludes that life has no value any more than death itself

When Sahiba enters the room, she is shocked to see Santosh hanging herself. She pulls her down, tries to calm her down, and asks what happened. Santosh shouts that Seerat eloped and shows Seerat’s letter. Sahiba wonders how Seerat could have done this.

As Seerat leaves the resort, she hides her face and waits for Garry. Garry reaches for his car. He hugs Seerat and says, “Let’s go now.”. Garry says relax, she’ll be Garry’s dulhania. Twinkle takes a picture of Seerat in a car. She wonders who drove it.

As Sahiba recalls Seerat’s strange behaviour recently, she realizes she must have eloped with Santosh without caring about his dignity. As he checks the cupboard for expensive wedding dresses and jewellery, Santosh finds that Seerat has left and will not return. Sahiba asks her to speak slowly so that no one hears her.

Seerat betrays them and is selfish, as Keerat claims. The woman panics and says Ajith won’t be able to handle the shock and will die. Sahiba calms her down. He tries to hang himself again and says she can face Brars, but not Ajith. Sahiba stops her and says dying isn’t a solution to any problem, otherwise, half the world would have committed suicide. They should seek out Seerat instead. If she keeps alive today, Santosh says she will die every day. Sahiba calls Keerat.

Jasleen says she knows all about Santosh’s lies and demands to marry another daughter to Angad if not Seerat.

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