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Akshara angrily walks towards Abhinav and holds him by the collar.  She says when we know we cannot afford 20 lakhs for our son’s treatment why did we come to such a big hospital?  Our son is very sensible. He did not cry when he came here but when he doesn’t get the treatment he needs he will definitely cry. He will cry over our poverty and helplessness. She says she tried very hard to stop the doctor because she felt he would arrange for the money as promised. What can a lower-middle-class family like us do? Should we lose hope to see our child grow up?  We love our child our lot but love is not enough.  Money is very important too. Now I feel that only money is important and it is something we don’t have. Manish has the money and you did not let me ask him for it. She also tells Abhinav that his stubbornness will cost us our son’s life. When he knew we could not afford the hospital bills why did he not agree? Because of him, her child’s life is in danger now.

Abhinav cries hearing her say that. Just then Akshara sees the payment receipt in his hand. He goes to the doctor and shows him the receipt and pleads with him to perform the surgery.  The doctor instructs the nurse to get the patient ready for the surgery.

The song Soch na sake.. is playing in the background. Abhinav and Akshara with tears in their eyes watch the nurse get Abhir ready to be taken to the Operation theatre.  Both wipe their tears and with a smile on their face wave out to Abhir while he goes for his operation.  

Abhimanyu suddenly starts feeling uneasy.  Shefali comes and asks him what’s wrong.  He says he feels like suddenly someone has punched him in the stomach.  She says it must be the parents’ intuition.  She also feels like that when Shibu is unwell. Abhimanyu calls out to Roohi and checks if she is fine. When he realizes she is okay he tells her that he called to show her his new haircut. He asks her again if she is okay.  She says she is fine and asks him if he had a bad dream.

Akshara says sorry to Abhinav.  She says she was so worried and ended up saying things she should not have said. Abhinav asks her if she remembers the promise he made to her six years ago. That he will not let anything happen to her son. He says a man from the hills never forgets his promise. Akshara says Abhir can sleep without her but not without him. He is the one who puts him to sleep daily and wakes him up in the morning.  When she scolds him he is the one who makes him laugh. Akshara tells Abhinav that Abhir belongs to him more than he does to her. She says sorry again. Says that the doctors were getting ready to leave and he was not answering his phone. She was anxious and angry and yelled at him in a fit of rage. Abhinav wipes her tears and says that it’s no problem.  A person in this condition can say anything. Just as he had yelled at her the other day today she did the same. The score is even now. She thanks him and asks how he arranged for the money. He says he managed.  God was kind enough and he got it. She asks him if he has taken a loan.  He avoids answering her.

Neela comes to the hospital and asks Abhinav if what everyone is saying is true. Akshara asks her what has happened.   Neela tells her to ask Abhinav what happened. Neela tells Akshara that Abhinav sold both his cars at half the price. Akshara asks Abhinav if he sold his cars for Abhir’s surgery. He had saved every penny earned to buy the cars. He had established his work after a lot of effort. That was his identity. And now for the surgery he sold both his cars? He spent his entire life’s earnings on the surgery? Abhinav says Abhir is his real wealth. Abhir means the world to him. These cars have no value compared to his life.

Aarohi looks at Abhimanyu.  Manjiri hands her an envelope and tells her that she and Abhimanyu are going to the holiday resort for a break.  Aarohi says there is a lot of work in the hospital.  Abhimanyu also agrees saying there was no need for this.  Manjiri says this is exactly why they need this.  She says two people sow the seeds of a relationship.  Work and family nurture it and help it to grow. They are about to start a new relationship.  They should spend time together and think about their future. They should spend time talking to one another.  Besides sharing home and work responsibilities it is also important to spend time together. Shefali says wedding preparations will be done and their help is not needed.  Rohan and Mahimi will together manage work at the hospital. She also reminds them that gadgets, mobile, wifi are not allowed in the resort as it is an eco-friendly resort.  They both have to just relax there. Roohi comes just then and says the biggest surprise is that she will also accompany them. Roohi starts planning all the activities at the resort.  Aarohi smiles seeing Abhimanyu and Roohi.

The doctors come out of the operation theatre and inform Abhinav and Akshara that the surgery is complete and Abhir is fine. The doctor tells them that during the surgery they got to know that Abhir has got some more complications. They have temporarily closed the hole but for a permanent solution, he will need one more surgery. The doctor says it is a very rare procedure and it has not been performed too often. There is one doctor who has performed such surgeries before. He advises them to go to him as he is very good.  Abhinav agrees to meet him and asks for the Doctor’s name. The doctor says it is Dr Abhimanyu Birla.

Akshara walks out of the hospital. Abhinav walks behind her and says she cannot run away from the truth. He says lightning usually never strikes on the same place twice.  But here we are being struck repeatedly. When the storm comes there will be rain and everything will be washed away and only truth will remain. And the truth is that Abhir needs Dr. Abhimanyu and we need to go to Udaipur.  Akshara says he may say what he wants to but her decision will not change.  She will not let Abhimanyu perform surgery on her son. She will not take him to Abhimanyu. Abhinav says that six years back she severed all ties with Abhimanyu but Abhir’s destiny is still linked to Abhimanyu.  She cannot undo that.  He says that a mother is irreplaceable but we should not underestimate the spirit of a father either. We should let him fulfil his duty as his father. Akshara says saving Abhir’s life is his duty as he is Abhir’s father and not Abhimanyu. Abhinav says he would have donated his heart to Abhir if that could save his life. but for that too we would need Dr. Abhimanyu Birla. Abhinav says he is not even worthy of being called Abhir’s father.  Akshara says he has given him everything he had and he still says he is not worthy of him. Akshara says she will not allow Abhimanyu to take Abhir away. She does not want to lose her son. Abhinav says she is scared of losing Abhir to Abhimanyu and he is scared he will lose Abhir forever. Akshara asks what if Abhimanyu comes to know that Abhir is his son. What if he takes away our son? Abhinav says he completely trusts their love and their family and he is completely sure that nobody can snatch their son from them .. not even death.

Akshara explains to Abhinav that when Abhir’s age is mentioned in the forms Abhimanyu will immediately understand that Abhir is his son.  She refuses to take Abhir to Abhimanyu. She suggests that they go to another specialist.  Abhinav tries to make her understand that Abhimanyu Birla is Abhir’s last hope. Abhimanyu owes them both for the past six years. He has to fulfil his duty as a father.

Abhinav takes out his mobile to make a call.  Akshara panics thinking he is calling Abhimanyu. Abhinav calls Kairav.  He tells Kairav that he should not have called him out of the blue but they are in big trouble. He explains to Kairav about Abhir’s health condition. Kairav is shocked to hear this.  Abhinav tells him further that he is helpless and they cannot delay Abhir’s treatment.  Kairav tells Abhinav that he is immediately arranging for transport and they are all coming to Udaipur. He will handle all arrangements and Abhir’s surgery will happen here. Kairav asks Abhinav to leave immediately.

Manish and Suvarna walk in just then and ask what has happened to Abhir. Kairav tells them that Abhir has a hole in his heart. He says Abhinav wants Abhimanyu to perform Abhir’s surgery in Udaipur.  They cannot delay is treatment anymore. Manish sits down in a state of shock.  He says how can this happen with Abhir. Kairav promises to handle everything and asks Manish not to worry.

Abhinav tells Akshara that he had forbidden her to ask Manish for money because he was confident that he would arrange for the money somehow. But he knows that this is all he can do. He has nothing more in his power that he can do now and that is why he reached out for help for his son’s life. He is taking Abhir to Udaipur.  He asks Akshara to make a choice and decide what is greater… her stubbornness or her fear or her son’s life.

Akshara remembers all that the doctor had said about Abhir’s health condition and the need for surgery. Abhinav tells her that they are leaving for Udaipur the next day and asks her to make all preparations. Akshara tells herself that she will go and hopes that her fear loses and Abhinav’s belief wins


Abhimanyu is on his way to the resort with Aarohi and Roohi when suddenly he hears Abhir calling out to him.

Abhinav calls Manjiri. He tells her that he and Akshara had to come to Udaipur for an emergency.  Akshara sees Abhinav looking worried and asks him what’s wrong.  He says Manjiri hung up the phone.  Manjiri enters and asks them to be away from her son.

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