Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan for 26th February 2023, written update

Seerat is restlessly awaited by Brars. The reporter reports live that everyone is eager to start the wedding rituals as soon as Seerat arrives. Sudha is questioned by Brars as to why Santosh is taking time to bring Seerat. They say their guests are eagerly awaiting and they can’t face humiliation from visitors. As Darji tells Ajit and Sudha, they can inform if Seerat is unwell, and both families can handle the situation. Sudha says she will go and check, and Jasleen will do the same since Santosh is closer to her.

As Jasleen walks outside Seeerat’s room, she hears Santosh and Keerat’s conversation. Santosh continues to be upset about Seerat eloping. Keerat says she will break the bones of the boy Seerat eloped with.

Keerat says she and Sahiba always accompanied Seerat everywhere, but Santosh’s web of lies kept them away from Seerat, which led Seerat to take such drastic measures. Sahiba stays with Santosh after she assures Santosh she will find Seerat and bring her back after breaking her boyfriend’s bones.

Jasleen comes in and searches for Seerat everywhere. Santosh tells her that she has gone to the parlour. Jasleen asks why would she go to the parlour when there are the best makeup artists in the city. Santosh asks her to wait until they find Seerat and bring her back.

Jasleen warns her to stop lying more as she knows all her lies, she knows these 2 girls barging into every party are Santosh’s younger daughters and Seerat has eloped with a boy. In addition to humiliating Santosh for her lies, Sahiba warns her to behave with her mother. Jasleen asks her to look into her eyes and tell her that Santosh is not a big liar. Sahiba says she will bring Seerat back.

Jasleen begins to berate Sahiba and Santosh for not knowing what her sister is doing, and her daughter’s romantic life. She fiercely demands to replace Seerat with Sahiba as a bride and have her marry Angad. However, Sahiba declines the offer. Santosh states that the wedding already belongs to Seerat, insisting that his daughter has no part in it. He then tells her to immediately get hold of Seerat, but Sahiba requests sometimes. Jasleen predicts that Manveer will discover the truth at which point he’ll call off the engagement leading to a further argument between them.

Santosh insists Sahiba wear a bridal dress and replace Seerat. Sahiba refuses. Someone knocks on the door.

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