Faltu 19th December 2022 Written Schedule Update

Faltu Episode Update

The Episode starts with Faltu recalling and saying the truth to Ayaan. Sumitra scolds Ayaan. Sid acts sweet and says I did this to bring out the truth. She says it was Faltu’s mistake. He apologizes to Faltu, and Faltu says don’t apologize. She asks Janardhan to forgive Ayaan because he loves him so much. He says no, she had to save her.

In her speech, she tells Savita to be proud that she has given birth to a wonderful man. She asks Tanisha to forgive Ayaan. She says I have gotten much love from you all, please forgive me. She leaves. Bua follows her. Ayaan asks Tanisha to forgive her.

Kanika says enough, not anything more, just expected Janardhan to make sure Tanisha doesn’t cry, he didn’t keep his promise. Ayaan argues with them. She asks Janardhan if he knew this already and stayed silent, in order to get her 50% shares. Janardhan slaps him and scolds him.

Ayaan profusely apologizes while Janardhan says they have broken his pride and trust. Ayaan protests but Janardhan insists not to call him dad, as he doesn’t deserve it, adding that he will never forget this. Sid interjects by urging Tanisha to make a new start with Ayaan, claiming that she shouldn’t be cheated as he has hurt her a lot. But Tanisha refuses to accept his plea; citing she trusted them all but they didn’t care for their friendship, concluding it would be a huge problem if this relationship was formed. Consequently, she returns the ring to Ayaan before Janardhan taunts the couple and leaves.

Kanika insists that Ayaan needs to pay for his mistake and tells Tanu to come with her. Faltu attempts to intervene, but Kanika orders her to back off. When Tanisha argues, Kanika accuses them of having a hidden link. Faltu reveals that their dreams are intertwined since Ayaan is her teacher – prompting Tanisha to relate to the pain of his shattered dreams. She begs them not to make her leave the house, however, Kanika refuses her request.

As Faltu says, Ayaan isn’t wrong, listen to me. Tanisha thinks to approach Ayaan. She says Faltu is right, we overreacted inside. Kanika claims he cheated us. Tanisha asks what we would do if we were in his place; we know he is afraid of Janardhan. Faltu says you aren’t breaking the relationship, right? She smiles. Sumitra insults Ayaan. Kinshuk says we should talk to Tanisha and Kanika; they can’t break the marriage.

Ayaan will marry Tanisha today, says Faltu. Sid says Tanisha broke the relationship and left. Faltu says no, I convinced her to marry. She calls Tanisha there. Sid says Janardhan won’t agree even if Tanisha agrees. Faltu says I will convince Janardhan. Bua says no, don’t go to him. She asks Dadi to go. Faltu says no, I will make this problem go away and convince him.

As a recap:

Ayaan stops Faltu from leaving. Faltu says I’ll pray that there will be no problems in this relationship.

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