Faltu 5th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The Episode begins with Ayaan glimpsing Faltu and smiling, but he promptly collides with Janardhan who spots her applying mehendi and suggests that the function should be wrapped up soon. Faltu agrees and wonders when the other functions will begin; she decides to adjust Janardhan’s attitude and seek his forgiveness. Everyone rehearses the dancing, having a great time while Ayaan remarks that Tanisha doesn’t seem too at ease while practising with Faltu. Faltu attempts to encourage her, but Tanisha comes up with another solution – donning a ghunghat and performing in her place. However, Faltu disagrees as there would media coverage.

As Faltu says, you must remember Ayaan and his love, and when Ayaan dances with you as Kanha, your heart will also become Radha’s. When Tanisha smiles, Faltu asks her to keep that smile and go and get ready. She says, wait, I scolded you and judged you, but you helped me a lot, I apologize.

Faltu tells Tanisha, “don’t embarrass me, you have done good deeds to get someone like Ayaan. I pray for your happiness, you both look madly in love.” Tanisha corrects her and says they were made for each other.

She says her husband left her, so let’s go to Mumbai, Faltu also went there, I love you right, we’ll get married there. Faltu’s sister Lajwanti meets Amar. He says you’re married. She says no, I’m not his wife, just a toy for him. He says forgive me for hurting your wounds, the outcome might not be right.

Ayaan says take me out of here, as he took Faltu. He says Ayaan is not from this village. She says he is a man, he has taken Faltu with him, Faltu will become a big player in the village and change everyone’s thinking, take me away. Amar asks her to leave, and they will make the elopement plans soon.

At the sangeet function, the women dance on London Thumakda first…. Faltu appears. Ayaan sees her. Suhana teases him. She asks him to admit Tanisha looks amazing. Tanisha comes and asks mesmerized, who were you seeing? Suhana says Faltu, of course you. Tanisha smiles.

Ayesha and Kinshuk praise the performance. Faltu says you look great together. She wards off their bad sight. Tanisha says I am scared, whether our performance is good or not, where do you place your focus, Ayaan? They talk. Ayesha calls Kanika on stage. Kanika dances on Jhumka gira re… Everyone claps. Ayaan and Faltu see one another.

Lajwanti and Altima will be taken to their inlaws, so their lives will cease to exist here, according to Faltu’s mum. I cannot give what Jamai sa wants, Charan says. She says don’t get adamant, we can’t ruin their lives, our fate is back, get Faltu back, get her married to Pappi. He refuses.

We need to become Faltu’s strength, Lajwanti says. Her mum says you got married, you can’t stay without your husband. Lajwanti argues. Faltu will not return and I won’t go to Sasural, she says. Charan believes she is right, I will give them their lives, and they will do what they want. Faltu won’t return until she achieves her dreams, this is my last wish for her.


Ayaan and Faltu are recorded by Sumitra. Sid says Faltu will tell the family everything.

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