Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th February 2023 Written Update


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th February 2023, Written Update

The exuberant celebration of Angad and Seerat’s wedding announcement was highlighted by the joyful performance of Bhangra. Sahiba, while serving sweets, accidentally bumped into Angad, who in a jubilant mood answered ‘It’s ok!’ before continuing to dance. Veer attempted to take Keerat’s hand and ask her for a dance, though she responded by squirming his arm away, issuing a warning before departing. He pondered about why he was thinking of Keerat pehalwan. Santosh urged Seerat to join Angad on the dancefloor, but she silently held her place. Sahiba and Keerat then sought Kulcha’ s ride to leave, which Jasleen observed; convinced that the two were planning against Santosh’s daughters.

Angad is imagined in the groom’s dress after Sahiba decorates the bride and groom’s dresses for Seerat and Angad’s wedding. Sahiba asks Santosh why she is imagining Akdu Angad repeatedly. He shows her her wedding expenses and asks her to take a loan. Sahiba says they are poor and can’t take a loan.

Santosh warns Seerat of the Brar family’s wrath if they don’t give her expensive presents, to make her neighbours envious. Sahiba queries whether she’s doing all this simply to prove a point, to which Santosh indifferently replies. Then Ajith arrives and Sahiba reminds him that they can’t afford such expenditure. Annoyed, Santosh then insults Ajith, asking him whether or not he’d saved enough for his daughters’ wedding. Keerat mocks Santosh for his exaggerated behaviour, and he runs after her, bellowing that Sahiba and Ajith will fulfill every one of Seerat’s needs. Dismayed at where she’d find the money from, Sahiba wonders in her head.

Inder becomes angry with Manveer for fixing Angad’s alliance in three days without analyzing Seerat’s family. Jasleen says Manveer had to take this decision because of Santosh’s health. What if Angad doesn’t feel compatible with Seerat after marriage, will they break up? Inder says they could have taken at least six months.

Darji arrives and insists marriage is for life. Inder questions why his son should have to pay for someone else’s errors over an extended period, not like his father imposed on him. Jasleen stands up for Manveer and declares that Angad has genuine emotions for Seerat and thus Manveer took the right decision. Inder enquires if Jasleen gains from this wedlock in any way, feeling shy she denies. Manveer objects as he can’t bear anyone to talk with her that way and says it was the family’s choice to marry Angad and Seerat, his mother in particular.

Santosh asked Sahiba and Ajith to take loan, but Ajith refused. Santosh then tried to humiliate him, demanding that Sahiba either borrow the money or beg from someone in order to satisfy his need. Ajith cautioned her not to do so. Santosh was determined to sell her house and marry Seerat into a wealthy family at any cost. As Sahiba noticed Angad calling out for Seerat, she looked everywhere for her and discovered that the girl had slipped away with pillows in place of her. Hearing Angad’s declaration of love for Seerat and asking her if he loved her, Sahiba anxiously murmured “hmm”. Much delighted with this response, He left the scene happy.

Angad tells Seerat/Sahiba he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Seerat insists Garry marry her.

Seerat says they should elope and get married even though Garry says marriage isn’t in their future.

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