Dabangii 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya’s True Identity Questioned

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The episode begins with Arya saying I am going to get Bela, she is very nice, you are bad. Ankush says you won’t go anywhere. He locks her in the room. She shouts at him. She cries and thinks of Bela. Naina….plays… Arya misses Bela… Aai says I chose you for Ankush, don’t cry, Bela; whatever anyone says, I disagree that Ankush can do anything like that. Maina agrees. Bela says yes, but he is hiding something from you.

Aai believes that Jaanrao may not think of Arya as his daughter and suggests giving him a chance to clarify. When Kasturi arrives, she immediately doubts Aai’s words and turns to Maina for her opinion on what she would do in such a situation. Maina worries that if faced with the same problem with Jaanrao, she would be devastated. Aai then invites Maina to accompany her somewhere. Kasturi defends herself, while Bela cries and Baba tries to comfort Ankush. Arya interrupts, expressing her hunger and asking Baba to open the door. She then runs off and locks the door, causing Baba to ask her to stop. In the process, Arya accidentally collides with Satya.

Satya cautions him to be careful as they continue their argument. He inquires if she obtained the item for King. She observes that he resembles a caricature, to which he responds by questioning her fearlessness. He sets a condition for her to fulfill before making further statements, but she dismisses it, reminding him of her previous victory over him. As he recalls this defeat, she points out something, prompting her to grab the floral tiara and flee quickly. In an attempt to hide from Ankush, Satya’s frustration towards Aai is evident in their conversation. He brings up his wrongful imprisonment by Ankush and Kasturi, suggesting that perhaps Aai is still in shock over recent events and makes a snide remark towards her.

Aai becomes upset while Zai and Tanmay play a game of hide and seek. As Zai discovers a photo album, she notices a picture of Damini. Tanmay manages to catch her, and they both wonder about the person’s identity in the photo. Aai suggests asking their mother for more information while Ankush receives a call. Aai then mentions Kasturi’s tendency to cause drama. Satya inquires about Arya’s presence, who accidentally bumps into Tanmay, causing Damini’s photo to fall. Asking why she is there, Arya spots Bela and rushes towards her with a flower band, reminding Bela of their earlier conversation. Arya urges Bela to smile and invites her to come home with them.

Kasturi angrily calls Arya “bad blood” and demands she come out. Confused, Arya questions the meaning of “bad blood” and claims she is not hurt, asking where the supposed blood is. Kasturi repeats her accusation that Arya is “bad blood” and forcibly pulls her out. Seeing this, Arya urges Bela to take off the flower band. She then pleads with Kasturi to let her go. However, Kasturi insults her by calling her a “misbehaving girl” and crushes the band before a tearful Bela. Meanwhile, Satya notices a fallen picture and picks it up. Just as Arya runs towards him, Kasturi grabs her and orders the guards to take her away. Before they can do so, Baba intervenes and proclaims that Arya is their beloved daughter from their household. Satya points this out to Aai while Baba holds onto a distressed Arya.

Then, he brings Arya home. Arya says Bela is sad because of Ankush. Baba asks where you are going. Arya says nowhere. How can I get Bela back? Why is she upset with me? Ankush fought with her. Baba believes it is Satya’s fault. Ankush lied to save her. Bela says it isn’t her mistake. I recall Ankush cheating.

Satya says Ankush is my brother, and he is sincere; mistakes happen. I think that he made a mistake at a weak time, so forgive him. Kasturi says it’s about her self-esteem. Aai asks who’s talking about self-esteem. Kasturi says Bela ran her house in poverty. What did she get in return? Zai sees Damini’s pic and says I forgot to ask about her. Aai comforts Bela. Zai comes and sees Bela crying. She thinks about asking later. She keeps the pic in her pocket. She hugs Bela.

A smile spreads between Satya and Kasturi. Satya thinks I’ll get Baba here, and Ankush will stay alone, as I did in jail for eight years. Ankush washes his clothes and then sees Arya. Satya invites the kids to play. Tanmay says there’s lots of sunlight. Satya looks at him. Tanmay says we need vitamin D, so we’ll play. Ankush sees Zai.

Satya notices Ankush’s sadness and reminds him of the unfortunate events on his birthday. Satya promises to give Ankush a new gift to cheer him up. Zai quickly suggests a doll house, and Ankush is reminded of Zai’s previous request for one. He explains that he will get a special pencil box for Zai but will fulfill her wish for a doll house when she turns ten. Zai expresses her desire for a giant doll house, and Satya assures her he will get the biggest one available. Grateful, Zai thanks Satya while Baba asks Arya what she is up to. Confused, Ankush also inquires about the situation. Arya replies that she needs to check if her blood is wrong, per Kasturi’s claim. This angers Ankush.


Ankush says she isn’t illegitimate, and she is the daughter of this family. Bela and everyone look on as the reporters ask Arya about her dad. They ask Ankush if Arya is his daughter.

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