Suhaagan 19th December 2023 Written Episode: Bindiya Uncovers Payal’s Dark Deeds


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Krish tells her there is no reason or excuse for Bindiya to stay here. In the episode, Payal asks Amma to eat Dalia. Amma’s hand stumbles as she eats it. Baldev asks Amma if she is fine and asks her to say something. Bindiya tells Payal that she will leave but that you should vent your anger at Amma. I’m treating her so well, Payal says.

Bindiya mentions being unable to eat and then proceeds to clean herself. Payal insinuates that Bindiya wants to depend on them so she can stay as their nurse. Baldev defends Bindiya and asks if Amma will go hungry since she couldn’t eat. Amma coughs. Payal decides to take Amma away from the negativity caused by Bindiya and brings her to her room. She sits on the bed and comments on her weight, questioning if she only ate rotis in the hospital. She helps Amma take her medicine and gives her some water before laying her on the bed while Amma observes quietly.

Payal reprimands Bindiya and warns her to go to bed quietly; otherwise, she will be forced to drink all the water. In that case, neither Bindiya nor Ballu can wake her up. She accuses Bindiya of becoming more and more heartless. Krish also becomes upset with Bindiya and criticizes her for arguing with Payal. He demands that she leave. Baldev defends Bindiya’s actions by stating that she only spoke the truth and expressed her concerns for Amma’s well-being. He reminds everyone that it has only been one night, and they cannot rush into making a decision. Indu points out that even though the night was peaceful, Amma’s unpredictable behavior continues to cause concern.

She says we will see one more night. Bindiya says we shall not decide in a hurry. She tells her to pack her bags and says I am confident that Payal will handle Amma well, so you must leave. She talks to Dadi and says she believes Payal has wronged Amma. During your homeless years, your Amma brought you home, as Ambe Maa, dadi says.

Vikram asks Sakshi to give him a place, at least in the cupboard and tells her that she can keep his clothes in good condition. Payal has gained Maa’s heart, and he tells her that she is clever and knows what to do. He says Bindiya will be out soon. Sakshi says Bindiya will not go anywhere and will fight with Payal, and I will take advantage of it. When Bindiya tries to convince Amma to come to her senses, she hears Payal and hides.

After applying her face mask, Payal immediately contacts the doctor who assisted her during the fabricated miscarriage. She inquires who will take on the arduous task of administering the four tablets every two hours after mixing them with water. Wondering if she should give all the tablets at once, Payal receives a stern reminder from the doctor not to do so unless she wants Amma’s life in jeopardy. Reflecting on how challenging it was to handle Amma when conscious, Payal expresses sympathy for her and reveals that her family perceives her as helpless as she laughs.

Bindiya is aware of everything happening around her. Payal vividly remembers the distressing scene where Amma had collapsed after consuming water from the jug. In a frenzy, she begins to act and scream, accusing Amma of attacking her. She scratches herself, grinning as she yells for Amma to come out. Just as Krish is about to break the door open, she emerges and exclaims that the foolish Shukla family has fallen for her charade. She mocks them for lacking discernment and declares that God has not blessed them with intelligence. Carelessly, she mixes four tablets into the water and coldly states that if two more were added, Budiya would meet her end, deeming her a burden on this earth. As she readies to add two more tablets into the jug…

The tablets are about to come out. Payal says she won’t waste them since there is a limited supply and can use them later. Bindiya thinks I will kill Amma if I tell her anything. Amma is rudely asked to open her mouth, so Payal puts water in her mouth. Bindiya believes she has to think from her mind and free Amma from Payal’s clutches.

Now that this old lady will not wake up for several years, Payal tells me that my romantic life has been ruined because of this Budiya, and Krish might lose interest in me. Afterward, Bindiya empties the water from the jug and keeps it empty. She feels terrible for Amma and promises to make Payal pay for her tortures.

She hugs Krish and asks if you are here, then who is with Amma? Amma is sleeping and says I wanted to spend time with my husband. Krish says not now, tells her to fulfill her responsibilities, and tells her he will drop her off at Amma’s place. Bindiya fills a jug with water and arrives there. She stops seeing KRish asking Payal to go inside. To prevent Payal from going in, she thinks she must stop her doubts.


Payal leaves the house while Bindiya enters. Krish asks Payal to leave, saying you have broken our trust.

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