Suhaagan 1st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Payal’s Scheme Unfolds


Suhaagan 1st January 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Payal using a room freshener in the guest room, complaining about an unpleasant smell left by a confident old woman. Sakshi then reveals that Krish is cooking khichdi with Bindiya and if he approves of it, they will stay permanently. This infuriates Payal, causing her to shut the door and call someone. She warns this person that Krish, Bindi, and Amma may interfere with her plans and requests them to ensure she is informed about any movements within the Shukla household.

Krish and Amma enjoyed playing the video game, but this time, Amma emerged victorious. Impressed by her gaming skills, Krish compliments her and playfully calls her a “bahuriya”. However, when Amma sees Bindiya, she teasingly refers to her as a “gandi bahuriya”. Krish notices Bindiya wearing a saree and asks about the missing flower. Amma then offers one from her hair and asks Krish to tie it for Bindiya. Grinning, Krish takes the flower and approaches Bindiya. As he ties it in her hair, he catches Amma’s gaze and also ties one in her hair. The song “Mera Dhola Ni Aaya” starts playing in the background as they all share a heartwarming moment together.

Krish ties a flower in her hair. Amma feels sleepy. Krish says let’s sleep, Amma. Amma gets up and asks Krish to go to sleep with her. Krish says no and sits on the bed. Amma then asks Bindiya to sleep with her. Krish says Bindiya cannot sleep here. Amma says both of you will sleep with me. Krish says ok and asks her to sleep. He signs Bindiya, and Bindiya rests on the bed. Krish finds Payal and his photo frame and wonders where he came from.

Just as Amma is about to retire for the night, a loud crash startles her. Krish has dropped a photo frame, shattering it on the floor. Amma soothes him with a lullaby, and they fall asleep hand in hand. Later, Payal also drifts off to sleep but wakes up to find Amma missing from her side. Alarmed, she hurries to Krish’s room, where she sees him and Bindiya sleeping beside each other. In frustration, Payal scolds them for not respecting Amma’s presence in the guest room. Returning to the guest room, they find that Amma has awoken, and Krish urges her to get ready for bed again.

When Payal asks Krish what is happening, he tells her he’ll tell her later. Bindiya and Krish meet the doctor, who tells them Amma will be fine. They get home and say to the family. Baldev gets furious at Bindiya for telling Krish. According to Bindiya, she instructed Krish to seek his help. Indu asks why you made Babu sit on the cycle in the well. Krish says that if we recreate the same incident, Amma can escape the shock and improve.

Krish tells her that two murders had happened that day, so he asks her to calm down and says he knows the whole story, so telling her Amma needs to be okay. Baldev says this can be dangerous. Krish says we’re going to take all precautions. Indu asks why you didn’t ask me. Krish and Bindiya ask her to agree. Baldev agrees to this act for Amma’s good. Krish and Bindiya ask her to decide. Baldev permits them to do this act. Bindiya and Krish tell her to agree.

Indu reassures that Babu will be safe. Bindiya adds that since he is her husband, trouble must first go through her. Krish asserts that our plan will remain a secret. Meanwhile, Payal watches everything through the spy cam and realizes what’s happening. She vows to ruin their plan. Bindiya then turns to Indu for help, who asks her how she can assist. Krish mentions their lack of knowledge about Dada ji, Kaveri, and Amma’s appearance, but Baldev has an idea. Without further ado, Indu, Krish, and Bindiya head to the room while Payal tries to figure out how to enter as she holds onto the album.


Bindiya says nothing will happen with the fake knife and gun. Payal says she will replace the fake ones with real ones.

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