Suhaagan 5th June 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 5th June 2023. Written Episode Update on

Madan tried to persuade the Panchayat that he was in the right. Bindiya asserted to them that her and Phoolmati’s intention was not to deceive or dishonour them. Master Ji pointed out that Phoolmati had been tough on the girls due to their lack of discipline, but Madan said that from living with them, they had learned of their misbehaviour. Rekha feigned distress, saying she and Phoolmati had always adored Payal and Bindiya.

Payal came to their house, sitting in the car deck, and told them that she tortured them a lot. She demanded burgers, ice cream, and toys. The neighbour supports Rekha. Dadi tells that they tortured my innocent grandchildren.

Rather than celebrate Rose’s birthday, Phoolmati celebrated Bindiya’s birthday. She asks Sarpanch to assign Amma’s responsibility to her, and Madan’s responsibility to Madan. Bindiya requested the Sarpanch for some time to fetch someone who possesses comprehensive knowledge. She proceeded with Master ji.

When Madan asks for tea for Amma, he taunts her, asking her to drink it for the last time. She refuses to drink. Madan throws tea on himself and acts as if Amma threw it. Amma is scolded by the lady. Bringing a shirt for him, Rekha is hopeful to celebrate and go to Goa. Bansi holds her hand as he says Madan raised his hand wrongly.

When Bindiya returns, he learns that the Inspector has been transferred from PS to PS. Phoolmati informs Madan that the Minister finished his work. Madan worries about Rekha. Rekha fools Bansi and tells her that Madan couldn’t keep her happy in any way, so she used to look at him. Bhim goes in search of Rekha. Bindiya takes him to Bindiya’s house. Bindiya informs Sarpanch ji that they want our farm and house.

The Phoolmati says who said that we didn’t want. Madan says they don’t have a stable financial situation, so they need it, but won’t spend one penny. The money from the farm and house will be distributed equally among Bindiya, Payal, and Dadi. Madan pulls Phoolmati aside to discuss it privately. The Sarpanch suspects something suspicious. Meanwhile, Rekha locks Bansi inside the house and flees. Payal confides in Bindiya, expressing her desire to stay away from the city. This situation triggers an idea in Bindiya’s mind.


Bindiya asks Sarpanch to give her 3 days to prove her competence.


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