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Akaal asks Garry to have some shame. Garry says Angad ought to be ashamed to enjoy my wife and his own wife. Veer realizes that Garry is trying to divert everyone. Hansraj asks what you are saying. Prabhjyot asks how you can say such a big thing and asks for the proofs. Japjyot asks Prabhjyot, why is she saying this. Hansraj says Garry must be saying this for a reason. Japjyot says Garry will ask, who is saying such a cheap thing about his wife?

Garry declares he can’t take the pain of learning that Angad and Seerat are having an affair, but Angad tells him to be quiet. Garry continues, pointing out how they want him to marry Seerat in order for her to ‘mend her ways’, yet all along, Angad has been enjoying it. This causes Angad to flare up and declare that if he speaks any more on the subject, he will not let him go. Jasleen then chimes in, admitting she knows Seerat likes Angad; however, implores him not to broadcast it. Then Garry reaches for Seerat’s tears, suggesting she’s crying because she doesn’t believe his words are false. He goes on to ask what happened inside the room when they went there together, tea was served and a wind chime was hung?

Seerat questions whether I didn’t take good care of Bebe when she was unwell, asserting that I am attentive to everyone else in the household. Garry adds to the conversation, reminding me of a past incident where people, including the media and clients, misunderstood our relationship due to a photo of Angad and me together. He suggests that the perception of our bond depends on how I treat him and how I appear with him. Sahiba intervenes, requesting Garry to refrain from discussing her husband and sister any further.

Garry said that if his sister-in-law and brother-in-law were indulging in unacceptable behaviour, then shameful words would ensue. He informed Angad that he had married Seerat to bring her into the family, and hinted that it was possible they’d go on a honeymoon as a couple of three. Sahiba was infuriated and slapped Garry. Jasleen yelled at her friend. Garry replied that if the truth were any different, she could slap him even more; he then pointed out that both their spouses were together, covering up their wrongdoings. Sahiba maintained that Angad had never looked at Seerat in such an impure way.

Akaal questions Garry and Sahiba declares that she will remain truthful for everyone. She then goes on to explain Garry is erroneous, bringing forth his mistake and pulling a false allegation at Angad. He wonders what Gary has done wrong and Sahiba reemphasizes her earlier claim of not being present in the video nor making any complaints against him. She reassures her decision of proving her innocence with hard evidence which turns out to be a recording. Jasleen however disregards it as a false accusation.

Everyone hears Garry and Sara’s chat. Akaal yells at Garry, proclaiming the recording is not genuine. Angad insists it is real and reveals that when Sahiba was caught by Garry in the act, he was present then. Inder pal questions why he defended her while aware of her culpability. Angad states Sahiba was in the right and they all were wrong – that is why he refused to sign the divorce documents. A flashback scene plays; Sahiba queries why he did not sign the papers giving her an opportunity to vindicate herself. Angad informs Manveer he truly felt she could not do wrong but could not publicly support her as one of them might be responsible for the crime. He discloses when Manveer noticed Sahiba leaving with him, she had actually fainted.

The girl Sara had come to the parking area. In a Flashback, Sahiba tells Angad she saw Garry with a girl while parking, and when she approached someone hit her with a heavy head. She says I saw her running and tells him she feels like Garry has trapped Daarji. She gets angry. Sahiba tells him not to tell anyone, but they have to catch Garry red handed. He tells Akaal Singh that he was there when Garry confessed. Akaal Singh gets angry.

Jasleen enquires of Garry how he could make this happen with their father. Angad requests Inderpal for the divorce papers, and they are soon brought out. Angad proceeds to tear them up in everyone’s presence, leaving Inderpal distraught; Sahiba’s tears start flowing. He states he had not signed on it previously nor would he now, citing the family custom of not taking divorce into account. Taking her hand in his own, Angad expresses how guilty they all are for not having faith in her. Much to Sahiba’s appreciation, who thanks him for standing by her when no one else did. Bebe approaches her later to apologize.

Akaal brings to light that it is Garry who is the spark that could lead to the downfall of their family. Angad’s Chachi expresses her apologies to Sahiba, however Sahiba tells her not to apologize as it isn’t anyone’s fault and that he had carefully crafted a plan where anyone could fall victim. Seerat says she can’t believe he would go as far as to accuse both Angad and herself just in order to cover up his misdeeds. Garry then tells her not to be so self-righteous before Inder Pal firmly interjects and says that is enough, stating that Garry has no connection with them any longer as Angad is no longer his brother. Garry coldly asserts in response that there was never any familial bond between the two of them.

Angad insisted that he saw Garry as his brother. But Garry noted that he had despised him since childhood and grown weary of hearing compliments for Angad. Akaal offered to end his exhaustion by banishing him from their house and severing any ties between them. Garry assured he would leave without having to be told, assuring he would separate himself from them permanently. While Seerat’s eyes filled with tears, Garry attributed the reason for departure to his wife who was untrustworthy and faithless. Sahiba simply watched on.

As Angad says, guilty shall be punished, but not his family. He promises Seerat he will always support her and holds Seerat’s hand, shocking Sahiba.

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