Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd February 2023 Written Episode


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan for 3rd February 2023

Under a shower, Anand recalls his fight with Sahiba and thinks she chose the wrong partner. Santosh continues to blackmail her daughter and claims her family accuses her of being greedy and pushing her daughter into hell for money. In an attempt to burn herself alive, she pours kerosene on herself and threatens to burn herself to death. Her family rushes to stop her, but she pushes them away and lights a matchstick. Sahiba takes the matchstick from her and agrees to her demands.

After some time, Sahiba brings milk for her and asks her to cheer up since she accepted her terms. Ajith asks how can she take such an extreme step and describes how Santosh supported him emotionally after his brother passed away. She says she just wants to see her children happy. Sahiba asks why she raises her blood pressure despite knowing she has a heart condition.

When Santosh says Angad is the best guy for Seerat, Seerat thinks of Seerat and wonders how to let him know that she likes Garry instead of Angad. Sahiba tells Santosh that he cannot get his daughter married on the basis of lies. In Santosh’s opinion, Brars conduct extensive research when choosing jewelry designs, including research on Seerat’s financial situation.

Ajith asks if she is sure. Santosh thinks she can go to any lengths to fulfill her dream and says yes. When Ajith does not convince her, she starts her emotional blackmail again. Sahiba asks Ajith to calm Santosh down. Santosh gets happy after Ajith agrees to his terms and says he does not know whether this will change their daughter’s life.

Angad’s alliance is discussed tomorrow by the aide. Jasleen gets a massage from her aide. Jasleen says yes and explains that she plans on ruining Angad’s image and taking revenge on her father for ignoring her and giving Angad business responsibility. In her opinion, Seerat will tell Santosh that she prefers Garry rather than Angad. After Santosh receives Sudha’s call, Seerat wonders why Sudha aunty is calling her.

She goes aside and asks Sudha to let Seerat’s alliance with Angad be fixed in her mansion because she missed her call to Sudha.

Sahiba says they can sell jewelry. Seerat hides her diamond ring. Ajith says he will break his PPF. Sahiba says he should break the FDs held in their names.

As Seerat refuses to break her FD, Sahiba breaks hers instead. Santosh reveals that Sudha invited them to her house to discuss Seerat and Angad’s alliance. Ajith and Sahiba object, but Santosh persuades them with emotional blackmail.

Precap: Bebe tells Manveer that they will fix Angad and Seerat’s alliance today. Manveer asks why so early. Santosh heads to her sister’s house. Sahiba refuses to accompany them, saying she hates seeing Angad’s face, and even he will cancel the alliance if he finds out that Seerat is her sister. Garry invites Seerat to an event.

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