Faltu 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Written Episode Update of Faltu 23rd November 2022

The Episode starts with Suhana saying Mrijula Bua. Janardhan turns away. Aryan apologizes, I did this without telling you, our happiness would be incomplete without Bua, and our family should be together today. He sits and talks about Faltu. Ayaan recalls taking Faltu to Bua’s house. She asks who this girl is. He says I will tell her everything about her.

Bua says Faltu has undergone a lot in life. Faltu says thanks for giving me a place in your house, thanks for trusting my talent. Bua says daughters don’t fold hands or touch feet, they just hug. Faltu is hugged by Bua. My goal is to learn and move forward, I won’t let Ayaan’s trust lapse, I’ll never lose, and I’ll become a cricket star, Faltu says.

If I don’t have Bua at my engagement, I won’t be happy. I want you to be with me. Uncle comes and meets them. Ayaan gets congratulated by him. He says, “I’m really proud of you, you’re marrying your childhood friend Tanisha, why are you doing this?” Faltu says it’s because of me. Bua says, “I’ll tell you later, I’ll change and come to the engagement.” Ayaan says, “I love you.”.

Faltu says he is feeling bad because he left his engagement for her sake. Ayaan inquires if he did something wrong, but Badimaa assured him that he got Mrijula back home. Janardhan also praised him for keeping his trust. Tanisha wants to clear a few more things with Ayaan. When Faltu falls ill and Uncle calls Ayaan, she refuses. After taking her temperature, her uncle advises her to rest properly and take medicines along with food. This reminds Faltu of her father and both sets of parents thinking of calling her, only to find that the phone had been switched off.

Charan calls his uncle. Then Faltu asks Charan if he is fine, and why is his phone off. She coughs. He asks if you are ill. Ratan’s wife hears them talking to Faltu. Ayaan made me stay at his Bua’s house, everyone’s fine here. She doesn’t mention what happened. She says I’m fine. He asks her to watch over her.

Ratan and Pappi discussed Faltu, but his wife revealed she was in Mumbai. This prompted Pappi to inquire if they had family there, before using Charan’s telephone to call her. He proceeded to threaten Faltu, only for her to rebuke him; a heated exchange then ensued. He told her he would destroy Ayaan’s dream and shop. This news caused distress for Faltu and her parents; however, Charan implored Pappi to take pity on her. He refused and vented that she had insulted him, so now she must be his bride as he watched her pride vanish. His words were remembered by Faltu.

The precap:

Pappi says I will get all my answers there. He talks to Sid on the phone. Sid says that Ayaan kept that girl at Bua’s house. Tanisha says nothing is more important than our marriage, and promise. Tanisha says you will get all your answers there.

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