Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 20th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The scene opens with Akshara and Abhir watching videos of Abhinav, tears streaming down their faces. Amidst their sobs, Abhir confesses how much he misses his friend. Akshara agrees, adding that if he were here, he wouldn’t have allowed them to feel down. Soon after, Abhir falls into a peaceful slumber. Akshara continues watching the videos, until something catches her attention. She is taken aback as she watches it again carefully. Without wasting any time, she sets down the remote and rushes out of the room, grabbing her phone on the way. Muskaan inquires about her sudden departure, to which Akshara requests for her help in taking care of Abhir while she’s gone. Meanwhile, Manish and Kairav emerge from another room, curious about the commotion. Ignoring their questions, Akshara grabs the car keys and hurries out of the house. Muskaan informs Manish and Kairav that she had to leave urgently without disclosing her destination. Uncertainty looms over everyone’s minds as they watch Akshara speed away in her car.

As Abhimanyu gazes at the card, memories of Abhir flood his mind. The constable informs him that there is a visitor to see him. Upon seeing Akshara, he is released from the lockup and she immediately approaches him, stating that she needs to talk. Interrupting her, Abhimanyu asserts that he also has something to say. She insists that he listen to her first, but he counters with the same request, fearing that this may be his only opportunity to do so. He assures her that he does not see her as an enemy and goes on to explain himself. He acknowledges that Abhinav should not have gotten close to him but was accepting nonetheless, raising another’s child and giving it his name without judgement. This friendship meant a lot to Abhimanyu and he found it immensely hurtful when junior spoke ill of Abhinav. However, his anger was directed towards his own unfortunate circumstances rather than towards Abhinav. After entrusting their child with them, he no longer wished to speak with anyone but Akshara’s explanation gave him much-needed clarity and acceptance of his situation.

In order to bring joy to everyone, I had arranged a birthday celebration for Abhinav. The whole family was there, and we even had a card from the juniors. Unfortunately, we have all lost Abhinav. He specifically chose that location for his birthday surprise, and I never imagined things would turn out this way. As we were sitting together, I opted not to have the Kasauli special drink due to its scent. We were conversing when the unexpected happened. Despite my efforts to save him, both at the scene and later at the hospital, I was unable to do anything. And now, she insists that I sign these papers urgently. Upon checking them, she declares that I must obey her orders.

It was Papa who left me, mumma too. Akshara comes. He runs and hugs her. Manish asks if we matter or not, and where did you go? Akshara says sorry, she had some urgent work to do. She sends Abhir to the room. Kairav and Suwarna say they were scared. Aarohi asks is everything okay. Akshara says yes, I had to visit the school.

The judge asks lawyer Rati about her client in the morning. She thinks sorry, I couldn’t tell the truth. Manish says she doesn’t know lying, something major has happened. Kairav says I’ll ask her. Manish replies no use. In the meantime, Akshara will arrive in a short time and give her statement in five minutes. Akshara comes and apologizes for not giving her statement. Judge asks why she came. She replies that she was coming to defend Abhimanyu. All are shocked.

Akshara inquires, “Were you jealous of Abhinav’s exceptional parenting skills?” This causes Manjiri to feel anxious. Abhimanyu admits, “I felt upset that he became Abhir’s Papa while I couldn’t become his Dadda.” She then asks about his disagreement with Abhinav. He responds, “I was extremely angry, so…” Akshara suggests, “You took out your anger on Abhinav.” He agrees, “Yes.” However, she points out that he went against court orders by giving Abhir to Abhinav and legally, Abhir is still his son. Akshara poses a hypothetical situation, asking what he would do if Abhinav were still alive and he had to decide about Abhir. Remembering Abhir’s words, Abhimanyu confidently states, “I would make the same decision a thousand times.”


Muskaan and Akshara argue. Akshara says Abhinav is gone, you also dream the same as Manjiri. Manish shouts enough.


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