Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 16th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Akshara in tears. Upon hearing Abhinav’s voice, she exits the room and gazes into the mirror. Her focus shifts to her mangalsutra and sindoor as she continues to hear her late husband’s voice. In an attempt to block out the sound, she covers her ears. Manish arrives and embraces her, causing her to become frightened. He asks what is troubling her, and she confesses that she feels as though she is losing her mind, constantly hearing his voice and feeling his presence. Manish explains that grief often goes through various stages, starting with denial and anger before eventually reaching a stage of acceptance. While Akshara agrees with him, she clarifies that she is currently stuck in the second stage of anger and vows to seek justice against Abhimanyu for what he did to both her and Abhir.

Abhimanyu is joined by his family outside the court. Anand reassures him of their support, while Parth encourages him not to be afraid. Abhimanyu turns to his mother and expresses his trust in Kanha ji and Mahadev, assuring her that the truth will prevail. The inspector then summons Abhimanyu inside. Akshara arrives with the rest of the family and he empathizes with her difficult situation, asking after Abhir’s well-being. She sadly reveals that Abhir’s father has passed away, leaving him without a parent. This brings Abhimanyu to tears. Meanwhile, Ruhi suggests reaching out to “poppy” (Abhir’s nickname for his father) but finds his phone switched off, leading them to suspect something secretive going on. As the court hearing begins, Kairav, Muskaan, Manish and others offer their testimonies before the scene cuts to a muted conversation about further investigation.

Abhir instructs me to change my outfit and hands me a t-shirt. As I am about to put it on, the shirt falls off my hands. He expresses concern that our mother will reprimand me for making a mess. Puzzled, he picks up Abhinav’s phone and wonders how our father can be sending him messages while supposedly being in Kasauli. Abhimanyu gazes at us curiously. Abhir decides to ask our mother for an explanation. Just then, Ruhi enters the room and he shows her the phone, asking if she is certain that their father’s phone magically appeared here. She suggests that perhaps their parents are trying to hide something from them. Agitated by this thought, Abhir acknowledges having a gut feeling that there is more going on than they know, wondering if their father is okay.

Ruhi invites the others to join her as they move forward. The judge concludes the day’s proceedings after recording the statements of the witnesses and announces that court is adjourned till tomorrow. Manjiri reminds Akshara not to make the same mistake she did, by punishing someone due to her grief from losing someone. Abhimanyu reassures them, stating that he knows his truth will eventually come out. The inspector escorts him away while Ruhi and Abhir offer a prayer to Kanha ji. She assures him that they will soon discover the truth. The inspector informs them that they have collected blood samples for an alcohol test on the suspect and urges them to inform him if they have any additional information. Akshara expresses her gratitude, while Abhir curiously asks why the police had come to their home. Ruhi also wonders if Abhinav has gone missing again.

He recalls all the routes, refusing to ask for help. She reminds him that the police had to step in when they were both lost, causing everyone to worry. He suggests contacting the doctor, not wanting to hide anything. However, she is upset because his phone is out of reach. As a solution, he decides to call Abhimanyu. Unsure of what to do next from there on, Manjiri asks about the envelope and why he’s crying. Abhimanyu replies that it’s a birthday gift for Sharma ji – custody of Abhir. She clarifies that he had wanted to legally give Abhir away to them and reassures him that everything will turn out fine after she speaks with the lawyer. Worried about Akshara and Abhir, Abhimanyu hopes for their safety as Akshara notices clothes sprawled across the floor.

Abhir observes the situation and inquires about the fallen clothes. He explains that he was retrieving his t-shirt. She assures him it’s okay and he won’t be scolded because of his young age. He offers to help, but Ruhi watches silently. Abhir then places his phone among the clothes, which puts Akshara at ease. Knowing that Ruhi has noticed, Abhir considers asking her about it. However, Akshara interrupts and informs him that his father had called while he was sleeping earlier and wanted to speak with him. He wonders if he should call back, but Akshara suggests they wait until tomorrow as his father is currently occupied. Confused by his mother’s lie, Abhir can’t help but wonder where exactly his father is.


Abhir and Ruhi see the garlands on Abhinav’s photo. Abhir asks Akshara about the garlands on Abhinav’s photo. Manish says we must tell the truth to the kids.

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