Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira’s Encounter with Yuvraj and Armaan’s Heroic Effort

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 13th February 2024 Written Episode Update on

Armaan scolds Yuvraj in the episode. They fight. Abhira asks Armaan if he is okay. Yuvraj beats him. Abhira asks Armaan to beat him. She hits a metal vase on Yuvraj’s head. Yuvraj holds his head and gets dizzy. Armaan catches him. He asks Abhira to remove the mask. Abhira tries. Yuvraj pushes them. He gets a spray bottle and sprays room freshener on them. He runs away after spraying the room freshener at them.

Armaan inquires about Abhira’s well-being, to which she responds positively. He then uses water to soothe her eyes and asks if she is feeling better. Abhira reciprocates the gesture by applying water to his eyes and asking about the person who caused harm. Armaan expresses his determination to find and confront the perpetrator, rushing out of the scene. Yuvraj advises him to leave before getting hurt but ends up injuring himself instead. His identity is revealed when his mask breaks, causing him pain as he escapes. Armaan chases after him, retrieving the broken mask and jokingly mentioning that Yuvraj’s “Mu dikhai” is incomplete. However, Yuvraj pushes him away and flees as a car hits Armaan, causing Abhira to scream in distress.

She prays for Armaan. The people help Armaan. He looks around and asks about Yuvraj. The man says you need treatment; you got hurt. Armaan asks them to leave. Abhira calls him. He asks if you are okay. She says I was tense about you. He says I’m coming; stay inside the room. Abhira asks, but who was he?

He jumps down a tree and falls in front of Manish’s car. Yuvraj looks on and says you were saved this time, Armaan, but there is no guarantee you will be saved the next time. Manish and everyone see Yuvraj. Ruhi says he is alive but injured. What should we do? He says we’ll take him home. Charu arrives at a café. She sees Dev with a girl. Dev sees Charu and sends the girl. He scolds her.

Manisha and Vidya watch as Dev leaves. Vidya asks who was he. Charu says he didn’t know. Manisha says so what? I’ll see him. Vidya says Charu, fight your own battles. Abhira recalls Yuvraj. She cries. Armaan comes. She hits a showpiece. He says it’s not me, no… She hugs him tightly.

After witnessing their injuries, they immediately assist. Rangdaari’s music echoes in the background. Manish expresses relief that the person was saved. Surekha questions who would recklessly jump onto the road. Suwarna gratefully acknowledges the person’s safety. Ruhi suggests informing his family about the incident. Manish discovers a wallet in his pocket and proceeds to check for identification. Armaan offers Abhira some water, to which she responds by identifying him as Yuvraj. However, Armaan refutes her claim and assures her that Yuvraj is unaware of her presence. He advises her not to worry and promises to speak with his father about locating Yuvraj if she feels strongly about it.

In response to Ruhi’s question about the address, Manish says, “I don’t know, just check.” Ruhi says he’s from Mussoorie. Dadi asks what…. Vidya worries about Armaan and Abhira. Armaan says we are okay. Kiara says we are sorry we left you alone. Dadi asks who told Abhira she needed to stay alone. I wish I hadn’t listened to her. She sees Abhira’s wounds and asks if she is okay. She urges Aryan to call doctors. Armaan says we have applied medicine.

Then Dadi scolds him. Abhira says she’s okay. Dadi asks, did that guy…. Abhira says Armaan came in time. Armaan says don’t worry. Dadi hugs him and tells him to rest.

Ruhi visits Armaan, who informs her that Abhira has already gone to bed and suggests meeting her the next day. Curious, Ruhi asks how this happened. Armaan assumes it was Yuvraj’s doing, prompting her to ask if someone had intentionally caused an accident. Agreeing with her, Armaan adds that people often resort to such tactics for financial gain. He then inquires about legal assistance for Manish and advises Ruhi to take care of herself as he doesn’t believe Manish’s intentions were motivated by money. He acknowledges that he was lucky to have arrived home in time to save Abhira and admits that things could have been worse if he had been delayed. Realizing this, Ruhi urges him not to mention it in front of Abhira so as not to scare her further while she continues to think about Yuvraj’s involvement.


Ruhi nods. Armaan tells Abhira to go there. Abhira sees Yuvraj in the Goenka house.

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