Maati Se Bandhi Dor 14th June 2024 Written Episode: Ranvijay’s Decision and Vaiju’s Dilemma

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 14th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vaiju expressing her disappointment over not receiving a reply from Ranvijay. Jaya offers wisdom, comparing love to the process of sowing seeds and having faith and hope. Vaiju questions if Jaya’s insights were learned from her own experiences. Jaya clarified that Ranvijay was not her love interest. Vasundhara acknowledges Jaya’s previous heartbreak and encourages her to consider Vaiju, a potential partner. Vaiju then confides in Jaya about her thoughts. Meanwhile, Ranvijay shares that he does not feel a connection with Vaiju. Vasundhara suggests giving her another chance and meeting her again before deciding, to which Ranvijay agrees.

It’s morning, and Jaya and Vaiju come to a temple. Ranvijay calls Vaiju. He says, “I want to meet you again; I want to get to know you better.” Can we meet today if you have time? I will come. She says I am at the temple. He says fine, I’ll be there soon. She prays. She says Ranvijay called. He wants to meet again. Jaya smiles and says, ” I told you where he will be. Vaiju says he’s coming here. Jaya worries and thinks about leaving.

Vaiju says he should stay, and Jaya says he’s sure he’ll handle everything well. Jaya asks Vaiju to meet him privately. Jaya says you stay. She says I will get prasad. Vaiju sees a married couple and smiles. Santosh sees her and insults her. Vaiju tells him to get lost. Kaveri asks Santosh to leave. She takes Vaiju with her.

Santosh says Ranvijay doesn’t know how to respect girls; he would have many girlfriends in the city; he is marrying to please his family; his family will keep you as a maid; otherwise, why would a big family make your bahu? Vaiju scolds him. He said one day, Ranvijay would use you and throw you. Ranvijay sees the crowd gathering there. Vaiju slaps Santosh and asks, “How dare you say this about Ranvijay?”.

Kaveri notices Ranvijay and requests him to let the matter go. She then points Ranvijay out to Vaiju, who is also present. In response, Santosh, who identifies as her brother-in-law, questions how she could slap him for simply conversing with her. He leaves the scene after voicing his disapproval. Ranvijay follows suit but without his shoes on. Vaiju stops him and retrieves his footwear, causing him to question why his mother trusts her so much. Jaya asks where Vaiju is, and Kaveri replies that Santosh is creating a fuss. Ranvijay instructs Vaiju to return his shoes while he accuses her of falsely accusing his mother and sending her to prison due to a misunderstanding.

Vaiju stops Ranvijay and says I did this for my family and those I love a lot. He asks which family would like their daughters to do this. He leaves. Vaiju cry. Jaya consoles her. Kaveri says I asked her not to talk to Santosh. Jaya hugs Vaiju. Santosh goes to Jaikant. He says I did what you said, I got slapped, I want more money. He gives him money and tells him to have fun.

She cannot marry Ranvijay because Vaiju plans to rule me. Vasundhara says you came home so soon. Ranvijay says Vaiju slapped her family member in the temple. Kaki asks who. Ranvijay says her sister’s husband. Vasundhara says Santosh may have done something today to ruin Kaveri’s life. You can’t do this, he says. Everyone has different qualities. She is always angry, and she doesn’t suit me.


Vaiju slaps Jaikant. Ranvijay scolds her. Rao Sahab says this marriage can’t happen. Vaiju sobs.

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