Mehndi Wala Ghar 4th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Mauli’s Struggle and Emotional Turmoil

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 4th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode commences with Ajanta proposing marriage to Mauli. On the other hand, Manas is convinced that she would not accept the proposal as he desires. Meanwhile, Manoj witnesses Mauli’s tears. Mini expresses her regret to Akshay, who becomes upset and tries to defend himself. Overwhelmed with guilt, she embraces him and cries, acknowledging his unwavering support. He consoles her and requests her to fetch Gujiya for him. As she leaves, Mauli overhears Rahul conversing with Tanvi about supporting her. However, Tanvi points out this would create issues between Vijay and herself.

As Swara sees Mauli there, she scolds her. Rahul sees Mauli. Mauli cries. Rahul says Mauli didn’t do anything. Swara says her family can break because of her, she should deal with her husband, she doesn’t have any family knowledge. Mauli leaves. Despite not being the bahu of this family, Rahul says she has done a great deal for it, and you know that. She left her career and came here, and she values family and relations.

Mauli sits in tears, recalling Manoj’s hurtful words. She reaches out to him, seeking solace in his embrace. “I am not a liar,” she insists, standing up for her truth. However, Manoj rebukes her for placing blame on Manas. Ajanta observes the exchange with a smile, feeling relieved that Manoj is finally standing up for his son. As Mauli catches sight of Ajanta, she excuses herself and walks away. Rahul approaches her to apologize, but Mauli politely asks him to leave her be. However, he persists, reminding her of their friendship and assuring her he will stand by her side. Meanwhile, Janki speaks to the pandit about essential matters while Hari tries to persuade her to reconsider. But Janki recalls Mauli’s distress and Rahul’s presence at the temple and stands firm in her decision.

She affirms my decision for their betterment. Pandit is coming to determine a suitable time. Vijay suggests, “Let’s send Rahul to London, Tanvi.” She agrees and adds that it would be good for him to handle work there. At the same time, Rahul requests Jyoti to console Mauli, who is currently staying alone since their father’s passing. Jyoti visits Mauli and urges her to release her emotions after checking on her well-being. Mauli asks how she can do that. Jyoti guides her in channeling her anger and pain by washing some clothes. Recalling Akshay’s harsh words, Mauli breaks down in tears.

Mauli vents her anger and sheds tears, seeking comfort in Jyoti’s embrace. She reveals that Manas had displayed unbecoming behavior in private but now puts on a facade of kindness in front of others. Doubting his sincerity, she wonders what his true intentions are and seeks guidance from Jyoti on uncovering the truth. Taking a cue from Rahul’s perspective, Mauli strategizes until the following day when she approaches him for help. With playful banter, he agrees to assist her, reminding her to analyze the problem’s origins. Mauli recalls that Mini’s friends had unexpectedly shown up at their home and vowed to figure out who invited them. Acknowledging her plan of action, Rahul encourages her to proceed with determination.


Jyoti suggests Mauli think like Rahul would. Mauli gets the idea. She traps Manas.

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