Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st February 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana’s Tough Decisions and Emotional Moments

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tara asks Kunal to check Samaira’s party invite. He says it did not arrive. She says she wants to go there and have fun. He gets a message. He says Bobby… you’re not concentrating on your work. He goes to talk. During the conversation, Vandana says, “End this right now. I’ll talk to Bobby later.” Mrunal is scolded for making relations per her needs. In her words, you broke my trust, you promised me, you have to leave this house, so I will apologize to Kunal and fix my mistake.

Bobby pleads with Vandana to not inform Kunal of the situation. She urges him to stand up. Kunal arrives and observes the scene. He reprimands Bobby for neglecting to mention the critical meeting. Bobby embraces him and apologizes, promising it won’t happen again. Curious, Kunal inquires about what is transpiring. Bobby gives a fabricated story. Pammi appears and asks why Mrunal is present there. Kunal instructs Bobby to explain. Vandana clarified that she needed a broker’s contact information from Bobby to find a suitable house for Mrunal, who is now doing well and capable of taking care of herself. They both assured me they would concentrate on their work diligently.

In response to Pammi’s request, Kunal says that Vandana has told enough, all the best, Mrunal. They leave. Vandana warns Bobby and Mrunal. Mrunal goes crying. Vandana talks to Tara. She believes Bobby has promised me and wonders if she should tell Kunal. Kunal comes to say you’re lost; Gaurav is calling. Vandana says Bobby pledged to me that he’ll focus on work, and I’ll speak with Gaurav and come. Vandana stumbles.

As Kunal holds her in his arms, she apologizes and expresses gratitude before declaring her intention to join him. Anagha excitedly shares that she plans to go to London with Shivam. Atya interrupts their conversation with a teasing remark about whether Shivam’s dream will come true, acknowledging Hemant’s assistance. However, Hemant modestly questions what he did. Atya reminds him that he arranged funds for Shivam’s trip to London. Dismissing this, Hemant denies any involvement, but Anagha lies to cover it up. Just as things begin to escalate, Vijay enters and ends the discussion by suggesting that they may have manipulated Vandana into giving them money through pretenses due to her mental state. He decides to intervene and prevent Vandana from giving them any money.

Vandana reaches out to Gaurav to inquire about any available work. Gaurav expresses his surprise, noting that he had recently hired several singers the day before. He questions why she would be seeking work at a time when she is now married to Kunal and has Kanak records to rely on. Undeterred, Vandana explains that she urgently needs work for personal reasons, with Shivam weighing heavily on her mind. Just then, Pammi joins their conversation and expresses her worries about Bobby’s well-being. She urges Vandana to tell the truth and assures her that her concern is genuine as a mother. Pammi also reminds everyone of Mrunal’s deceitfulness and how having him around Bobby could result in significant losses.

With his kind heart, Bobby sympathizes with Mrunal, who is distressed. Could you please assist me in sending her away? Unfortunately, Tara is upset as she was not invited to Samaira’s party. However, we must remember that our happiness should not rely on others’ actions. Let’s plan our celebration at home. Despite our efforts, Tara remains disappointed. Suddenly, Vandana arrives, and Kunal inquires about Tara’s missing invitation. As Tara’s mother, I am reaching out to you, Anu Ji, regarding the issue of her not receiving an invite to the party. Perhaps it was overlooked?

Anu says I don’t want to invite Tara, my husband and I don’t want our kids to be with Tara, her parents divorced, don’t send Tara, Samaira and Tara aren’t friends anymore. The call ends. Vandana cries. Tara asks if she invited me. Vandana says okay, done. Tara leaves. Kunal asks what the problem is. Vandana tells him that kids whose parents divorced will get spoilt. Kunal asks what Samaira’s mother said.


Kunal and Vandana fall in love. Behta hai mann kahin…plays…

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