Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 5th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana’s Dilemma and Kunal’s Support

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 5th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anagha sees Vandana and acts. She signs Hemant to see Vandana. Vandana can send Shivam to London, how should we tell her directly, since she’s married, we can’t expect this from her. She says yes, we can’t be selfish. As they act and ask when you have arrived, Vandana cries. He says tell Shivam I’ll make arrangements for him. They thank him. Vandana leaves. Anagha thinks she will go to London. Vandana leaves.

Kunal arrives home and finds Vandana there. Concerned, he asks about the situation. She explains that Mrunal has left. Kunal praises her for everything she did for Mrunal and acknowledges that he may have caused her trouble. Worried about her brother Bobby, Vandana expresses concern. Kunal reassures her they shouldn’t worry as it’s best for Bobby if Mrunal is out of their lives. He also offers support and says he will do whatever he can to help with Mrunal’s situation, just as Vandana supported his family. Grateful, Vandana thanks him, to which Kunal replies that he senses something is troubling her. In response, Vandana debates internally on expressing her feelings towards Kunal but ultimately decides to confess her love for him the following day instead.

I’m here, talk to me. Vandana says nothing. He says I’m going inside, how did you like the song scratch that I sent you, where are you lost, you said you liked it a lot, I’ve given the go-ahead for the recording. She says yes, it was very nice. He says he doesn’t find your health fine, and you’re tired, so go rest, then come back.

After entering, Pammi and Vedika ask Vandana who sent the flowers. Vaibhav said thanks for the compliment, and I sent the flowers. Kunal says get lost. Vaibhav says I didn’t send these flowers for Vandana. Bobby arrives. Vaibhav says he sent it to apologize to Bobby, and we fought on the road. Pammi says Mrunal is responsible for this. He says don’t worry, he will make sure they stay away; he will stay with Mrunal to deal with her. Bobby scolds him.

Vandana interrupts as Vaibhav speaks, reassuring him that he should have fun at the party without worrying about her. Kunal dismisses Vaibhav and scolds Bobby for their previous mistreatment of Mrunal, apologizing to Vandana. Bobby defends Mrunal and expresses concern for her safety, mentioning her pregnancy. Pammi questions why they should care, but Bobby explains that everyone dislikes Mrunal and Vaibhav may harm her.

Although he apologizes, you should have shown support for Mrunal. Since you sent Mrunal and me together, it would have been better if you hadn’t asked one of us to leave. Why did you single out Mrunal? He went, and Vandana began to cry. Kunal tries to calm her down by saying to relax. She regrets leaving Mrunal alone and wonders why Bobby and Mrunal didn’t tell her sooner. Kunal reassures her by saying he will protect Mrunal from Vaibhav’s harm and asks if she trusts him. Vandana admits she has more faith in him than herself. He promises to send someone over there.

Vandana has a bad nightmare about Mrunal. She wakes up and prays. Kunal appears and says all arrangements have been made for Mrunal. She thanks him and hugs him. Na tum jaano…plays.


As Vandana dances, Kunal runs towards her and holds her in his arms. Behta hai mann kahin… plays…

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