Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira’s Dilemma Between Tradition and Celebration

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Yuvraj says you, the police, and Armaan are standing before me, and I can leap to Abhira. He smiles. Sanjay worries. Armaan says we will have kulfi. Abhira agrees. Dev says I don’t want you to steal information from your family’s company. Charu says okay. Aryan asks Ruhi to say that. Kiara says just ask once. Ruhi goes to Dadi, Vidya and Manisha. Dadi asks what permission they need.

Ruhi says we four are together. It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, so why don’t we have a small party at home? Dadi scolds them. Ruhi says we want to celebrate it with you. Dadi asks what. She says Valentine’s Day is a day about love, but we also love the family. Armaan and Abhira come home. She says the party won’t happen tomorrow. Ruhi says we will go on a picnic. They argue. Dadi decides.

Dadi agrees with Abhira that the Saraswati puja will take place tomorrow. This news leaves the children feeling disappointed. However, Dadi reminds them that attending the puja is not compulsory, and those who wish to celebrate can do so. Ruhi notices Armaan as he smiles and catches Abhira’s arm. Meanwhile, Dev brings coffee for Charu, and Yuvraj notices the red color in her hands. He realizes the parcel must have reached his baby, and Abhira asks who sent it. Upon opening the box, she accidentally gets some red color on her face, causing Ruhi to watch with curiosity. In a picture, Yuvraj fills the sindoor in Abhira’s maang and declares that she will soon become his wife. He can’t help but smile at the thought.

She says she’ll help Abhira. Abhira says Armaan did this, but she won’t leave him. Ruhi leaves, and Abhira says another person might have done this. Abhira sees Abhira with colors. She argues with him. He leaves angry. Sanjay says Abhira is right, Saraswati puja is correct, we need blessings. He jokes about Manoj’s age. Manisha says Manoj still looks so handsome, and if the party happens, you won’t come because you are not related to love. Vidya stops her.

Even though Manisha says Sanjay can take Kajal to a party, she will be happy, he won’t. He says I have love in my heart, and it’s enough; I don’t need to show it. He leaves. Kajal is scared of Sanjay, Madhav and Vidya have issues, Rohit does not know when he will return, Armaan and Abhira don’t have tuning,

This house needs love like ours; Ruhi comes between them. Abhira paints the idol. Armaan moves her hair and ties a clip and Abhira jokes. Manoj says everything will get fine. They talk. He goes to Ruhi. They apologize. He says everything will be fine. She says I know you’ll be at the party. He nods. She sees a heart-shaped cut out on the wall.

It’s morning. Abhira takes the idol. Armaan holds it. She says let go. He says never, just come. She laughs and says you will look funny when you fall, and your teeth break. He says you handle me. She says no. He says you are so selfish. She says you are selfish, I asked you to help, you went to help Ruhi. He says she asked my help. They argue.

I keep the idol. He says when I help Ruhi, she thanks me, you scold me. Abhira says I don’t need your help. He says you are smart, the idol has reached here, I won’t have to help you anymore. It used to be called Talent Shore in Mussoorie. She thanked him and said that everyone in Mussoorie used to call me that.

Ruhi comes and argues with Abhira. She says the havan mahurat is at 7 p.m. Abhira asks how people will come to Aarti. Ruhi says we will have to cancel the party. Abhira says she will speak to Dadi. Armaan says she will talk to Mum. Dadi says she will ask Ruhi to cancel the party; everyone will attend the puja. Abhira asks if the puja can be done now. Dadi says the puja must be performed on the Mahurat.

Abhira says God just sees devotion, not time, and keeps faith, not fear. Dadi says enough, puja will happen on mahurat; I’ll ask Vidya to handle it. According to Abhira, puja is happiness, but if you make everyone leave the party, they’ll attend but miss it. She goes and says Dadi is so stubborn. She looks at the broken idol and recalls Ruhi. She believes Ruhi broke it.


He catches Abhira. Armaan says Abhira, answer my call. Ruhi says enough, I can’t see you with Abhira.

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