Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens with Abhimanyu returning home and exclaiming to his mother that he is overjoyed. Manjiri inquires about the reason for his happiness, to which he replies that Roohi and Abhir were playing with him and he has photos to show. He also mentions that Abhir considers him his hero and wants to be like him. Abhimanyu expresses his desire to be called “Papa” by Abhir one day, bringing immense joy to him. Hearing this, Abhinav confesses his fear of losing Abhir. Akshara agrees, stating her own fear, but reminds everyone to stay strong. Abhimanyu assures that he will do everything in his power for Roohi and Abhir. Manjiri advises him to cherish every moment with them and also continue working so they can spend quality time together. Suddenly, the servant interrupts with a package from the lawyer’s office.

Akshara and Kairav both receive envelopes, and then Kairav spots Muskaan. She quickly departs, prompting Surekha to offer words of reassurance, saying she understands how he must be feeling. However, Kairav insists on handling the situation himself and refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Abhinav notices the case date has been set for next week and shares his concern with Abhimanyu. After checking the hearing notice, Abhinav expresses his desire to show love towards Abhir, but Akshara reminds him that it shouldn’t be seen as a mere display.

He adamantly declares that he cannot lose Abhir, causing Suvarna to remind Kairav that he can still love someone else in the future. But Kairav doesn’t want to discuss it further and tells her to drop the topic. Suvarna then urges him to apologize to Muskaan and not let her live in fear anymore. As he looks at Muskaan’s gift, we see Akshara, Abhinav and Abhir together. While hugging Abhir, Abhinav apologizes for scolding him earlier and explains how every day is special with him.

Abhir admits to his mistake and declines Abhinav’s suggestion to buy a carom board. Instead, Abhinav suggests looking at other options. However, Abhir already has many clothes and a pair of new shoes given by the doctor. As they are talking, they notice Akshara and an expensive car. Impressed, Abhir shares details about the car, claiming that cars are a boy’s best friend. Akshara asks how he knows so much about cars and he replies with enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Abhinav goes to get some puja items as requested by Dadi. Akshara asks Abhir about his previous statement of not talking to the doctor. She suspects Roohi must have been upset with him which is why he avoided meeting the doctor. She promises not to tell anyone but then remembers that he had already mentioned it to Dida. She calls Aarohi to confirm if everything is alright and Roohi takes the phone to talk to Abhir, asking when he will come visit her and bring chocolates.

Abhinav says just 5 minutes, please. He has a 6-year-old son, I can give him money, I have 2000 rupees. The man says 1 lakh, will you give it. He insults Abhinav.

Neela insists on introducing you to Raghav, although I had a hard time convincing her. Muskaan agrees with you. Neela leaves and Kairav watches. Muskaan begins packing her bag and notices him holding a gift. He apologizes and she responds saying that she was stupid to believe he could like someone like her. She insists on finishing the packing herself. Kairav wonders why she is meeting Raghav when everything has been made clear, as he doesn’t seem like the right person for her. Akshara asks what happened and Abhinav interrupts, offering to take Abhir on the fastest ride in the world. He carries Abhir on his shoulders and they run around, both laughing happily.

Despite Akshara’s warnings, they end up falling down and getting hurt. Akshara scolds them for being careless but Abhir reassures her that his love is enough for him. He adds that there’s no need to compete with Abhimanyu and they need to take him to see a doctor instead of risking any further injuries. As they leave in the car, Mahima observes their actions and thinks about how careless Abhinav can be even though he knows about Abhir’s

Kairav suggests that you have the option to physically reprimand me, but it may not be the best course of action. That man is not a suitable match for Muskaan. Akshara, Abhinav, and Abhir arrive home. Manjiri inquires about the situation, to which Mahima responds by stating that as sisters we should support each other; therefore, she will support Manjiri in gaining custody of Abhir if Manjiri supports her in keeping Parth. Manjiri gazes on with concern as everyone worries about Abhinav’s well-being.

Concerned, Manish asks what happened. Kairav also becomes suspicious and questions if something serious has occurred. Akshara explains that while carrying shopping bags, Abhinav accidentally tripped over a large stone and fell down. However, Kairav senses that they are hiding something deeper. At the same time, Akshara ponders how to reveal that Abhinav is afraid of losing Abhir and prays to Kanha ji for guidance.


Abhinav and Abhir fall down. Akshara screams. Abhimanyu says he will do anything to get custody of his son. Akshara says she will do whatever it takes to win this battle for custody.

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