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Mahendra and Meet are together in a shared space when he prompts her to choose Jasodha’s predicament. He attempts to sway her emotions by insinuating that Jasodha may face accusations of domestic violence and will not be released. He pressures Meet to sell her factory and expects an immediate decision. Sumeet happens to overhear their discussion. At the same time, Manmeet arrives at Gunwanti’s hospital room and discovers her there attempting suicide. She puts on a show of tears and claims she can no longer bear living with her scarred skin. Manmeet tries to reason with her, but she persists in her act and insists that he leave.

Meet is feeling powerless in the face of Mahendra’s ultimatum. She understands that he sees her silence as a refusal to give up her factory, which means that Jasodha will remain in jail. Meet reluctantly agrees to sign over the factory. Sumeet raises his voice, reminding everyone that the factory is Meet’s lifelong dream and holds great significance for her. However, Meet calmly explains that her family comes first and nothing else matters more. She confesses that she is willing to sign the papers, but only if Gunwanti withdraws the police report she filed against Jasodha. Mahendra eventually agrees and leaves. Sumeet breaks down in tears and embraces his sister. Meanwhile, Manmeet asks Sarkar about Meet’s whereabouts. Just then, Meet arrives with Jasodha by her side, much to the delight of their children. Shocking everyone, Meet reveals that she has brought Jasodha back home with her.

Upon seeing Jasodha’s return, Sumeet and Raj are filled with joy and eagerly embrace her. Jasodha respectfully seeks Sarkar’s blessings by touching his feet. Meanwhile, Manmeet instructs the children to retreat to their room and questions Meet about Mahendra and Gunwanti’s sudden change of heart. Meet claims that they eventually came to understand the importance of family, causing Manmeet to doubt her explanation. Sarkar expresses his disbelief as well, prompting Jasodha to remind them that she gave birth to Mahendra and knows him better than anyone else. She asserts that his greed and desire for revenge have consumed him, making it improbable for them to have a change of heart without some kind of deal involved.

Manmeet beseeches Meet to meet his gaze, noting that he can detect her secrets merely by peering into her eyes. Jasodha guides Meet’s hand towards Manmeet’s head, encouraging him to speak the truth. However, Meet remains silent, causing a shock among them. Just then, Shagun shows up holding a replica of the factory and taunts their predicament. Manmeet questions her about her latest game plan. Shagun insists that she has come to unveil the truth that Meet failed to disclose. She presents documents with Meet’s signature, confirming the sale of the factory. With pride, Shagun declares that this time, Meet has lost and departs from the scene.

Jasodha grabs the papers and reproaches Meet for her choice, stressing that the factory was not only her dream but also a collective dream of all the women in the village. She requests Manmeet to help convince Meet that her decision is wrong and that she should have let Jasodha stay in jail. This angers Manmeet, causing him to storm out, with Meet following behind. After calming him down, he expresses his disappointment about the factory, which they both dreamed of alongside Ahlawat. However, Meet stands firm in her belief that family comes first and asks if he will support her decision. To Meet’s relief, Manmeet agrees.


The factory auction was attended by everyone. The documents fly away and land on a phone. Meet picks up the documents and sees Gunwanti’s selfie on the phone. After seeing the photos, Meet says Gunwanti is fine, she is just acting. I will show the reality of Shagun and Gunwanti to everyone.

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