Meet Written Episode Update: 26th October 2023 – Twists and Turns in Shlok’s Career and Personal Life


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While exploring near the temple, Poonam stumbled upon a burnt photo of Raj and Priyanka. She was baffled by the thought of who could commit such an act. As they discussed the incident, Pankhuri remembered being confronted by Ashok. Despite being intoxicated and having a poor memory, Ashok called out for Pankhuri. She clarified that according to the priest’s reading of their horoscopes, Raj and Priyanka were not an ideal match. Thus, she placed their photo in the temple, but it accidentally caught fire from a nearby lamp. This led Raj to express his disbelief in traditional beliefs and reaffirm his love for Priyanka. Sumeet chimed in, sharing how her horoscope did not align well with Shlok’s, yet their relationship remained strong.

Shlok regretted not seeking Sumeet’s advice before signing a contract with Sakshi, but he was determined to avoid any mistakes. At the same time, Shagun urged Sakshi to observe how much media attention Shlok was getting. Upon Dadi and Poonam’s arrival, Sakshi covered her face to avoid being recognized. They playfully teased Shagun for being envious of Shlok’s achievements and advised her to let go of her vendetta and allow them to relish their accomplishments. They suggested that Shagun share some sweets with her companion as they departed.

Seeing Shlok and Sumeet destroyed, Shagun confided in Sakshi. Shagun mentioned her plan to break Shlok if he fell from a great height. Sakshi suggested a calming exercise and assured Shagun that things would unfold as she wished.

Shlok urged Sumeet to hurry, and Poonam fed him curd and sugar for good luck. Mr. Amani asked Sumeet if she had discussed Shlok’s collaboration with him, but she told him Shlok had already decided to work with Sakshi. This left Sumeet wondering why Shlok would not be permitted to work with anyone else if he worked with Sakshi.

Shlok assured Sumeet he only had to sing, and the company didn’t matter when the lamp went out. Sumeet decided to accompany Shlok. When Shlok got his new car from Sakshi’s manager, he dropped his helmet, and Sumeet felt hurt. Still, he told her he would keep it in his car to remember how she always stood by him.

Shlok encountered the cab driver who taunted him earlier as he was about to sign the Sakshi contract with Sumeet. Sumeet intervened after Shlok humiliated the driver and requested that he remain true to his values. Sumeet and Shlok spotted Pankhuri outside a pharmacy and confronted her, but Pankhuri made excuses and left. When Sumeet and Shlok arrived at the music company, Shagun was in Sakshi’s office.


He asks if Shlok will sing in marriages again like before and if this will damage your company’s reputation. As Sumeet walks in, he says, “Don’t worry, I and Shlok will perform at your daughter’s wedding.” Shlok says, “We will not perform at weddings.” Sardar says I’ll make a contract for the performance and payment. Shlok says, “Don’t worry, I won’t sing, and my wife won’t play dhol in any function.”

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