Barsatein 21st November 2023 Written Episode: Aradhana Faces Marriage Dilemmas, Reyansh’s Love Drama Unfolds


Barsatein 21st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode opens with Reyansh and Aradhana having a heated argument. She insists he should marry Jai, even though he has already convinced her sister Jagruti. Reyansh defends himself by saying that Jagruti is like his little sister and accuses Aradhana of jealousy. He remembers how he persuaded Jagruti to assist him in his plan. Aradhana continues to taunt Reyansh, but he remains undeterred and tells her he cannot stay away from her because she is a part of his soul. He expresses his feelings through a rap song. However, Aradhana reveals that she wants something else from him. Reyansh eagerly asks her what it is, willing to do anything for her. To his surprise, she suggests he should marry and leave her alone. Suddenly, the lights go out, coinciding with Aradhana walking away from him. Reyansh tries to convince her to stay by showing her a lighter, but she claims that being close to him is like being in darkness. He boldly asks her if she fears coming near him before she finally leaves the room.

Harsh says this marriage cannot happen because Aradhana refuses. Vivek says I could not explain him well. Bhakti says Aradhana wants peace, not passion. The shagun was given to Aradhana, not to Reyansh’s wife. Aradhana has a right to it, no matter who she marries. Harsh agrees with Vivek that I want someone who respects and keeps her happy. This shagun is our blessing, so keep it.

We just wanted you to be aware of everything. Vivek and Kadambari leave. Reyansh says I’ll always identify you. He hugs Jagruti. The lights come on. Aradhana says Jagruti, I asked you not to use my perfume; Romeo gets confused. Now we’re going home. Aradhana hits Romeo and leaves. He smiles. Bhakti calls Seema and says I asked you to find Aradhana an alliance, she’s returned, find her a guy. Aradhana hears what she hears.

Harsh says you must get married to Reyansh or someone else. Bhakti sends Harsh and Jagruti. Aradhana, Reyansh will follow you. How much will you run, when will you live your lie, you have lost your parents, then your real mum, and saw your sister die; who will sacrifice for you now?

Jai is currently on a video call when a young man approaches him. After recognizing him as his younger brother, Jai playfully grabs his neck and expresses that he must have come to see if he got into trouble. Acknowledging their reunion, they embrace and express how much they miss each other. Inquiring about why Jai ended things with Kriti, the brother suspects it was because of Aradhana. Confirming his assumption, Jai’s brother asks if Aradhana’s work caused problems for the family, but she assures them that she is no longer causing harm. She even agrees to get married to anyone her father chooses. Bhakti offers Aradhana words of comfort as she remembers Reyansh and gets emotional. Coming to Jai’s defense, his brother suggests that Kriti may be out of his league and wonders if he can try his luck now. However, Jai shuts him down and invites him to dinner instead. His brother is also interested in meeting the woman who has captivated Jai’s heart.

Jai receives a call from Bhakti and quickly goes to meet her. After exchanging greetings, Bhakti confides in him about Aradhana’s emotional state. As they speak, Jai’s brother overhears them and brings up the complicated situation between Reyansh, Jai, and the woman they both love. Bhakti then explains her reason for meeting Jai – to request his consent for Aradhana’s marriage to Reyansh. However, Jai’s brother interjects with some news – apparently, Jai has won the lottery. But before his aunt can get too excited, Jai politely declines the proposal. He admits that he was unaware of what true love meant until now, and while he wants nothing but happiness for Aradhana, he knows that she loves Reyansh, and he cannot deny it. Furthermore, there is a bond between Reyansh and himself that goes beyond brotherhood, making it impossible for him to betray his feelings or their relationship by marrying the woman they both adore. Ultimately, Jai believes Aradhana’s happiness lies in unconditionally being with the one she loves.

She mentions that Reyansh desires to sacrifice himself for love. Do you wish the same for Aradhana? Consider this carefully, as her happiness rests in your hands. She walks away while his brother congratulates him. Jai expresses his inability to follow Reyansh’s plan. His brother labels Reyansh as a rebellious young man and adds that Bhakti wants a well-behaved boy for her daughter. He takes a selfie in celebration.

Meanwhile, Kriti checks Varun’s account and comes across the picture. She calls Varun, who is already on the phone with his girlfriend. Seeing Kriti’s missed calls, he calls her back, and she asks about Jai’s well-being. He reassures her he is okay because Bhakti has found a suitable match in Aradhana. As soon as he ends the call, Varun worries about facing Jai’s wrath for this alliance. Kriti had hoped that Jai would forget Aradhana, but unfortunately, she would have to go to Delhi to end all the drama.

Varun greets Aradhana. Jai asks what you are doing here. Varun says I know Aradhana well. She asks how.


Reyansh tears Jai’s passport when Jai says we must leave for Singapore. Kriti tells Reyansh about their trip.

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