Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 24th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 24th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the start of the Episode, Reyansh heads to the library where he is confronted by a furious individual who accuses him of being deceitful. The person admits to lying but claims that Reyansh has caused them great harm and questions if he plans on ruining himself as well. In search of information about an idol, they continue their search separately. Reyansh advises the angry person to let out their frustrations, but they refuse, stating that their anger serves as their strength and expressing hate towards him. As Reyansh finds the file they were looking for, a stranger wearing a mask appears and captures footage of them. Reyansh notices and chases after them but is stopped when the masked person threatens and shoots at him. Suddenly, Aradhana arrives on the scene in shock. She then rushes over to Reyansh in tears while recalling past events but does not hold any resentment towards him.

She believes that without your presence, the pain she feels may disappear. She exits. He deceives her and summons her out. She persists on leaving. He contacts Vikram. Aradhana returns and takes his phone, urging him to move quickly and enter the car. They depart in the vehicle. He pours alcohol on his injury and winces in pain. She questions why he came, as it is her story. He retorts that he is in charge and has already resolved everything. They engage in a conversation until he yells out in agony. She tells him to stop, but he insists that she cannot understand his suffering, as he has always respected her. She counters by saying that his respect has only ruined her life, so why did he come if he hates her? He admits that he came for her sake and they continue arguing.

She gets Vikram’s call and he tells her Reyansh is shot. Meet me outside the hospital. Main teri hogaiyaan…plays…

After one week of staying at Khanna mansion, Viren and Malini received the guests. A lively gentleman arrived, dancing to the beat of a dhol. Kimaya informed that he was her father’s friend’s son who had a tendency to show off. Kriti warmly embraced him and he inquired about his cousin sisters, mentioning how he couldn’t miss being present for Kimaya’s wedding. She playfully revealed that she had accidentally tied a rakhi on him during childhood. Viren caught up with Arnab and asked about his parents while Arnab mentioned that he had arrived early. He then proceeded to greet Aradhana with flirting remarks. Reyansh entered and jokingly commented that the gentleman could touch him as well. Soon after, Vikram and Sunaina joined them.

Kriti says I’m going to faint when she sees Reyansh. Reyansh answers Arnab. Arnab asks how you got hurt. Reyansh says I got shot. Kriti says he’s so hot. Aradhana thinks I’ve seen that chunri somewhere. She remembers the chunri. Arnab says we’ll have a duet. He says I don’t dance. He says you work with Viren. He asks Viren to make a BTS of Kimaya’s wedding for him.

Reyansh says Viren’s channel is helping the state. Viren leaves. He taunts Aradhana. She says your BTS idea is good, we can do that. Arnab says she’s on my side. Reyansh says she’s never been on my side. Kriti asks the guys not to argue. A friend of mine Ananya Pandey is coming. Arnab says make me meet her. Aradhana and Reyansh argue.

They all welcome Ananya. Arnab flirts with her. She talks to Reyansh. Ayushman arrives. Kimaya welcomes him. Everyone greets him. Aradhana says I’m your big fan. Ayushman says they’re getting cheap for Ananya. He says we’ve got to save her. He tells them I have a solution. He goes. He appears as Pooja there.


Vikram asks Aradhana if she is sure she will return. Reyansh says if she hates me then it means she loves me. Malini talks to Aradhana.

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