Barsatein 6th December 2023 Written Episode | Aradhana Makes a Life-Changing Decision!


Barsatein 6th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai saying I know you don’t love me; I accepted that you are not marrying her, but proving to Reyansh that this marriage is just a fight over your passion, she says I have decided this by my wish. If this marriage occurs, it is just a response to Reyansh’s madness, and you are not forgetting your past. Do you agree?

Reyansh walks on the road and cries. Aradhana and Jai are back in the lockup. O saajna…plays… The man asks Jai why he refused. Jai says forget it. Aradhana is talking to her cellmate. In her words, she is marrying him for the sake of friendship. He loves me a lot but knows I will never love him. I broke his heart, and he has always supported me. Jai says that a person can settle down even without love after marriage. Reyansh thinks about Aradhana’s words and cries.

In the morning, Aradhana exits the police station and notices Reyansh sleeping on a bench. She calls his name, and he wakes up. He admits defeat, expressing his love for her. She reminds him of the pain he caused her. He then recalls how she saved him from goons and again declares his love for her. However, she argues that his actions have brought her nothing but hurt. He believes pain is a part of true love, but she disagrees and explains how it can become overwhelming. He counters by mentioning that he has endured more pain than her. She suggests that they must learn to live with the pain and their memories together. He assumes she still loves him since tears are forming in her eyes, but she denies it by clarifying that she did not marry Jai.

Reyansh beams joyfully and inquires, “So you didn’t marry Jai? That makes me happy.” To which she responds, “No, he didn’t marry me. He understands the importance of a lifelong commitment and knows that getting married in anger would be foolish.” Reyansh expresses his relief, saying, “I’m glad you’re not marrying him.” She explains, “Although our love is out of our control, Jai truly understands me. He doesn’t want to possess me but to create a life with me. That’s why he didn’t marry me yesterday, because it wouldn’t have been right. But now…” She turns to the lawyer and declares her desire to formalize her relationship with Jai in front of society. The lawyer then advises Reyansh to keep his distance from Aradhana. Surprised, he asks, “Do you want to stay away from me?” Aradhana asserts firmly, “Yes. And now you will stay away from me in jail for mentally harassing me. We have CCTV footage as evidence.” She proceeds to file a complaint against him.

In Aradhana’s words, I’m going to marry Jai. Reyansh says I didn’t force you to do so. Aradhana thinks I won’t threaten Jai and my parents, wish us a happy marriage, and I’ll become Jai’s wife. Reyansh says you can’t do it, you’ll walk away, and you can’t forget me. Aradhana holds Jai’s hand and leaves. At home, Aradhana prepares for her marriage. She returns smiling.

Reyansh informed me that you were running late, while I was told you arrived on time. He affectionately declares that you belong to him. During the ceremony, a mishap occurred when her dupatta caught fire. This incident brings Aradhana’s dream to an end. After this, Malini praises and compliments Aradhana. Kriti expresses her regret and apologizes to her sister, realizing she has already lost one sibling and can’t bear to lose another. She sincerely wishes Aradhana and Jai happiness in their marriage. The two sisters reconcile and embrace each other. Malini expresses her desire for our family to reunite again. Kriti volunteers to take the haldi (turmeric) to Jai’s house, but Bhakti suggests that Uncle should go instead. However, Aradhana insists on Kriti going, and she happily accepts her sister’s offer with gratitude and a warm hug.


Nita talks to someone. Kriti says she loves him, but Jai says he doesn’t. She threatens him and shoots. Aradhana gets married to Reyansh.

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