Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 31st August 2023 Written Update


Barsatein 31st August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode opens with Komal’s speculation that Aradhana and Vikram may be having an affair. Kriti agrees, stating that she has witnessed intense moments between them at the office. Wanting to clarify her doubts, Komal questions Kriti about Aradhana’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Reyansh tries to wake up Aradhana who seems to be passed out. As he struggles to open the locked door, Vikram inquires if Arnab had caused this situation. However, Komal reveals that it was not Arnab but her who added stomach upset pills in his lassi, causing him to rush to the washroom. A mischievous laughter escapes Vikram as Sunaina chimes in saying that this will keep him occupied. Refusing to take the blame for her own prank, Arnab blames Komal for his condition and rushes off to the washroom. As they continue their search for Aradhana, Komal and the girls accidentally stumble upon Angad and Kimaya sharing a passionate kiss. Playfully teasing them, they are asked to leave by the couple.

Komal reports that Aradhana and Vikram are feeling unsettled. Kimaya shares that Sunaina was searching for them, and asks Angad to join. Angad notes that there has been tension since Aradhana’s arrival. Malini hears a commotion and investigates. Reyansh exclaims, prompting Malini to open the door. Sunaina and Vikram explain that they were looking for Vikram. Arnab makes a joke, but also senses that something is amiss. Vikram pleads with him not to leave, while Arnab insists on going to the washroom. Reyansh expresses relief upon Malini’s arrival. She notices Aradhana and requests water for her before administering insulin. Eventually, everyone else joins in the room as well.

Kriti discovers Reyansh in a wounded state. Malini immediately suggests calling for a doctor, as her sugar levels had spiked and she had already administered an injection to help her feel better. Just then, Aradhana regains consciousness and expresses her gratitude for being saved, mentioning that like Kriti, she too has diabetes. Reyansh reveals that Aradhana had mistakenly consumed alcohol instead of water. Despite Malini’s suggestion for her to be taken to the guest room and being lifted, Aradhana asserts her independence by refusing to go anywhere with them since she is not a helpless woman. However, Reyansh insists and eventually Malini and Vikram take her away. Later on, Malini checks on Aradhana’s well-being and consoles her while urging her to get some rest.

Malini cries. Aradhana lies to sleep. She stops Malini and tells her not to go. Kimaya asks Alka if they are leaving now. Alka says yes, we are going now. She says Aradhana is found, fainted. Alka says stay away from her. She hides the things. She says Aradhana is locked in the storeroom. Alka asks her to sleep.

Aradhana wakes up and sees Reyansh. She asks him what he is doing here. She says he’s watching a dream, how can he be here? Alka and Naresh leave. Aradhana sees Reyansh again and says just leave me. Seeing these problems, Reyansh thinks you hate me, I’ll fix them, they attacked you, I’ll protect you. Alka says there was a risk; I got the idol from there in time. Naresh says get rid of her. Aradhana asks whether you are really there.

Reyansh insists, “No, I’m a nightmare.” She retorts, “Well, you’re even sassy in dreams. I better sleep or I’ll lose my mind.” She pretends to doze off, murmuring, “I used to wish for you in every dream, now you’re my bad dream.” Reyansh silently resolves, “I’ll watch over you; I’m family now.” “Mai teri hogaiyaan” plays in the background. The next morning, Reyansh remarks to Aradhana, “You look serene when you sleep.” Aradhana denies, “No, it was just a dream.” He leaves coffee for her and departs. She awakens, puzzled, “Who left this coffee?


I have a lead on the idols; Malini can’t be involved. Sunaina asks why, since she is your relative. Aradhana says I will never forgive Reyansh.

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