Pandya Store 5th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 5th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Amrish expressing his desire to take control of Pandya store, and asks if anyone can assist him. Shesh and Suman promptly step in to aid Natasha, while Dhawal pledges his unwavering support. Amrish embraces him gratefully. Maa observes the scene and suggests trying something different this time, as she doubts Dhawal’s capabilities. Meanwhile, Shesh asks Natasha to recover soon, as the doctor examines her. The doctor reveals that Natasha’s condition is critical due to her low water intake and missed medication for her sole kidney. In response, Suman heads off to prepare soup for her while Mittu sheds tears of worry. He explains that he fears losing her, but she reassures him that it has happened before and consoles him.

Chirag inquires with Dolly about the situation, to which she replies that they need to make some changes such as replacing the small mirror, taps, and flooring and adding a bigger shelf. He teasingly remarks that she’s trying to build an Eiffel tower in their house. Dhawal then enters and expresses his concerns about Amrish’s demands for him to convince Natasha to sign the papers for the mall construction or else it won’t happen. Dolly overhears this conversation. Chirag tells Dhawal to stop talking about it and reveals that his father-in-law has already provided advance payment for the project. Dhawal continues arguing but Chirag asks him to be quiet. Dolly silently informs her father of what’s going on and steps outside while Chirag and Dhawal watch her leave. Dhawal confidently says that the mall will still be built there. Suddenly, Bansal arrives and confronts Amrish for taking money from him before receiving consent from others involved, ultimately canceling the marriage agreement between their families.

Suman takes care of Natasha. She cries. Natasha consoles her. She says she will take care of herself. Suman becomes sad and says he was alive to raise you three, you’re all grown up now, so I can die now. Bansal stops Chirag from holding Dolly’s hand. He says she can break the marriage on my saying. Chirag says he loves Dolly, he tells Dolly she also likes him, Amba and Chabeli gossip. Dolly takes the ring and gives it to Chirag.

Dolly informs me that I will have an arranged marriage, and Chirag seems to be disappointed by the news. Suman assures him that she will find a suitable partner for him and reminds him of the importance of settling down. Natasha shares her opinion on marriage, but Suman brushes it off by mentioning her own successful family and her intention to find a loving husband for Chirag. While Chirag is feeling upset, Dhawal comforts him. Later, Amrish discusses the challenges of controlling workers and Chirag expresses his fear of getting hurt in a relationship. Amrish suggests that they secure the Pandya store under their name to ensure a good alliance for Chirag. Natasha explains how some people may have selfish motives while seeking marriage with her because of the store’s value. However, Suman reassures everyone that she will find a kind-hearted person for Chirag. Shesh reveals that he has already created an online profile for this purpose.

She refuses to marry. Chirag and Dhawal come to the college and look for Natasha. Natasha gets ready. Suman says you are going out of my hands, you should rest, you want to go to college. Natasha says my final exams are coming, try to understand. Shesh comes and asks them to talk slowly. Natasha asks why. He says the family of the guy came to visit you. Dhawal asks about Natasha. Today, she won’t be at college.

Suman asks how they came suddenly. Shesh says the guy is leaving for America in 15 days, his mum is telling him he should marry a nice and simple girl, so I called them. Natasha says they are useless and free people, I will see them. She stops her. Natasha says I won’t go anywhere. Suman says I’ll see him. Shesh and Mittu ask Natasha to be quiet.


Natasha is taken from the room by Dhawal. Suman praises Natasha in front of the guests.


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