Pandya Store 14th May Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 14th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Shiva heading to buy sweets. After picking some up, he offers some to Suman. This enrages Raavi who sits crying. Shiva suggests that she will later join him in his baraat. Rishita requests help which Shiva obliges by feeding her the sweets. He then announces his departure to give measurements for his sherwani and seeks Suman’s blessing in doing so, causing her to cry as he leaves. Raavi then exclaims that she should be given poison now that Suman has given him a blessing. Rishita cries out for someone to free her and a woman takes notice of Dhara’s picture during this time. Arushi then arrives home carrying grocery bags and is also able to take note of the image of Dhara.

Suman despairs at the sight of Shweta, for she knows that her home will be deprived of joy if the latter attended. To Prerna’s surprise, Krish appears out of nowhere while she’s waiting for the bus. He gets into danger and she goes to his rescue; Dhara watches in shock. When this fails and he collapses, Rishita implores Suman to act quickly. Meanwhile, Raavi departs with a mission to find out what Shiva thinks of her and whether he plans to remarry. Despite Suman’s efforts to stop her, Raavi is already gone. Prerna desperately begs Krish to wake up; when all else fails, she threatens to step in front of the bus unless he does so immediately. Fortunately for them both, Dhara decides to try one last time by splashing water on his face – it works! Her tears soon dry as Krish regains consciousness and returns her confession of love with his own heartfelt declaration before they embrace.

Shivank tells Prerna that she will fall for his love as Shweta tries to ensure Krish won’t get hurt. Shiva and Raavi have a fight, and Shivank asks what the two have to do with each other. Everyone laughs at their argument while they are on the street. Shivank enquires why this new ‘drama’, to which Shweta responds that it’s her source of amusement. Krish tells Prerna he loves her, and upon her asking for proof informs her that she must help them unite or he will die. Prerna agrees saying she too will also perish without a solution. Raavi proposes to bring Gautam from the store who can solve their problem, which shocks Shivank even more, making them all laugh again.

Trying to fix what you have spoiled, Krishna says. Prerna says yes, we’d like to stay together and find a solution. Dhara decides what to do, asking Gautam for help. She says we’ll go home. Suman asks where Dhara went. Raavi says explain Shiva, fine, I’ll call Dhara. Suman says she isn’t home, so keep your emotions in check. Raavi says you need to control your son, tell him he can’t marry. Shiva asks why.

Raavi says you can’t marry. She calls Mittu there. Suman says don’t call him. Shiva says I’ll marry. Raavi says sorry, I’ll call Mittu. Suman scolds her. Mittu appears. She asks Shiva who Mittu’s father is.


Raavi says she will raise her voice. Gautam says he’ll tell him. She asks him to do so. Shiva asks if I got married. Gautam says yes, you got married to Raavi. Shiva is surprised.

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