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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 13th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dhananjay takes Prerna away, and Krish follows. She cries as Shiva muses on what will happen to the cow dung. While he is distracted, a girl bumps into him, causing it to fall on both of them. He holds her hands as they exchange words, and she apologizes for the mishap. Shiva expresses his displeasure and she persists in saying sorry till he returns it too, eventually joking with her. He comments on how the cow dung has spoiled her face.

He asks Prerna to wash her face, and holds her hand when she protests. He takes her a different route than the airport, saying that this way she’ll miss the traffic, and that not all strangers are bad – it’s best to avoid them even if she’s angry. She apologizes, and he drops her off at the bus stop with her gratitude. Shiva gently reminds her again of washing her hands and face for her own good.

He assists the girl, pumping out the water and then encourages her to wash her legs/ shoes. When he inquires her name she replies Arushi. He attempts to hail a passing auto, however, none stop for her. Shiva whistles to draw attention and finds one willing to aid in getting Arushi home – though the driver is hesitant due to his auto potentially being damaged. Seeing this as an opportunity to demonstrate chivalry, Shiva convinces him that it is crucial to help young ladies and off they go. After ensuring Arushi is safely gone, Shiva returns home only to find Suman inquiring whether he has secured some cow dung from the market. The children protest at its smell while Rishita suggests making them brush and gargle instead. Determined for his sons not to partake of non-veg foods ever again after their purification ritual, Suman asks Shiva to remove the non-veg vendor from their lane; even though this would severely affect his income. After a brief struggle the kids are eventually captured by Raavi and Rishita yet during this escapade both stumble upon the fallen cow dung – prompting laughter from all present. Declaring it no issue, Shiva volunteers himself to help lift Rishita

The man arrives at home and asks if Shiva Pandya resides there. Shiva affirms his presence. The man offers the courier. Raavi checks it and starts to cry, realizing that Shiva has received a marriage proposal. He gets excited to see what is in the parcel and Raavi scolds him, not wanting him to wed. He questions why she would say such a thing- everyone else in the family has married, he wanted to as well and even registered at a marriage bureau; what was Raavi’s problem? Then he notices Arushi’s picture and breaks into a smile, recollecting meeting her earlier today. He remarks on how good she looks before Raavi begins sobbing harder, threatening to do something dire if her life is ruined due to this situation. Suman calms her down while Shiva declares Arushi is a bindaas girl; her name is Arushi – at which point Rishita cries out for help.

She asks Suman to call Arushi’s family, they will fix the alliance. Suman says he will be happy to meet Arushi, but Raavi is jealous of my happiness.


Shiva might get shocked if I tell him the truth, Suman says. Gautam says I told Shiva who he got married to.

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