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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 12th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Rishita starts the episode by telling Suman that she’s doing too much. This leads Suman and Sheks to have an argument. Dhara chimes in saying she will feed the kids, but Suman insists they should take a bath with cow dung first. Prerna tries to leave, but Krish stops her, begging her to stay put. Dhara takes the food nonetheless while thinking about how she has caused Krish and Prerna so much sorrow. She sees Prerna leaving and runs out after her. As the adults worry about what is happening, the kids get an idea. The assembled ladies laugh at Krish, as one of them jokes how he has two women in his life. A man joins in too bursting into laughter about it. The kids come up with a plan – they start singing and dancing to Dadi Amma maan jao in hopes of making things better; surprisingly Suman smiles at this move but promises not to forgive yet.

Krish orders Rishita and Raavi to stop, but they take off running. Suman decides to punish both of them. Shiva takes the cow dung from the man who assures its freshness. Dhara attempts to get Prerna to go home and discuss things further, however, she is insulted for wanting her to stay in a relationship that she had killed. Prerna then stands in front of a car causing Dhara and Krish to yell her name. Shweta is at a temple when Shivank appears, handing him sweets and telling him he should be proud for marrying Prerna while giving him a laddoo.

The car screeches to a halt and Krish pulls Prerna into an embrace, but she hastily pushes him away. An onlooker pipes up that the man was a notorious crook, Dhananjay. Prerna pleads to be dropped off at the taxi stand and Dhara and Krish look on, concerned. Shweta suggests taking her with him, sure of being able to convince Krish, while Shivank offers to accompany Prerna all the way to Canada. But Dharawhispers that she’s gone with Dhananjay, as Krish erupts in frustration. Rasik bhai’s bike is soon borrowed as it was an emergency and he sets off after her. Meanwhile, Shiva states his wish for finding a bride, completely missing out on why there was cow dung present. Shiva shares his heartbreaking story after which Prerna sits silently weeping. Noticing this, Dhananjay attempts to lighten the mood by showering her with compliments about her beauty.

He takes her hand and says it’s going to be a long journey. Prerna spots Krish tailing them, accompanied by Dhara. Fearing for his safety, she anxiously enquires what he is doing there. The man then poses the question to Shiva: What kind of girl do you want to marry? After offering a description, Shiva is instructed to get a sherwani ready and provide his details. As he takes his leave, Dhananjay teases “your romance is like something out of a movie”. Prerna again looks around in search of Krish, commenting that this route does not go to the airport. Dhananjay grins in response.


Raavi says an alliance has come for Shiva. She scolds Shiva and says you won’t marry. He asks but why.

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