Pandya Store 11th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 11th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dhara kicks off the episode, announcing Shweta’s pregnancy. Emotions run high as Krish and Prerna cry; Shivank sets up a dhol for Shweta to dance and celebrate her news. Despite her joy, Prerna quickly checks her reports on her phone and sadly discovers it’s negative. Still determined to make the most of the situation, Shweta brings sweets for everyone, urging Gautam to have some before telling Krish they will start a new life with the baby. She then performs aarti on herself with Rishita and Raavi joining in; however Suman stops them from stepping out in case Shweta catches any bad sight. As she prepares to leave, Shweta trips but Raavi helps her up, reminding the expectant mother to take care during her pregnancy.

Shiva inquires why they are going to the store, Gautam informing it is for Shweta and that they are about to visit the hospital for her reports. She hands over her Chiku and requests Dhara for blessings, while Prerna looks on. Krish attempts to take Shweta away but Dhara pleads him to stop as she is pregnant. After touching Dhara’s feet, she utters these words; you will accept it soon enough. Gautam urges Shiva to check the results quickly as their last hope evaporates when they observe a positive result; Prerna leaves, distressed, while Dhara agonizes over the situation. Shweta insists Krish accompany her to the temple and he goes with her suggesting things will turn better soon enough. Suman notices the children annoyingly munching snacks while Rishita inspects them; non-veg kabab. Then Suman wonders when this matter would be sorted out and Shivank offers his presence there.

Suman questioned whether it was non-veg. She reprimanded the children for their hunger, as the adults were busy arguing. Shesh asked what could they do? Mittu mentioned the kabab from a recent wedding. Raavi concluded it was chicken kabab. Suman requested Shiva to get her a bucket of cow dung and Gautam was told to go to the store. The kids were concerned if Suman intended to feed them with cow dung, but Rishita explained that she only wanted them to bathe using it. Prerna packed her bags as Krish pleaded for her not to leave, expressing his love for her.

The precap:

Prerna shouts at Dhara and meets with an accident as Krish and Dhara try to stop her.

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