Pandya Store 12th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 12th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Shiva rushing to see Gautam while Suman cries. Krish arrives at the hospital and inquires about Gautam. Shiva also searches for Gautam. The ward boy informs them about an accident on the highway. He shows them a dead body, and they break down in tears but realize it’s not Gautam. Dhara expresses her disappointment at no one coming to pick her up.

Shivank arrives and sarcastically congratulates her on her return. She becomes furious and slaps him before storming off. He taunts her, claiming that her anger has rattled the foundation of the Pandya household, and he is eager to witness the drama unfold. Suman becomes worried, and Prerna calls Krish. Krish returns home and breaks down in tears. Shiva also arrives and informs them that they couldn’t find Gautam anywhere. They all cry. Suddenly, Gautam arrives home and calls out for Dhara.

Everyone, especially Suman, is relieved to see him safe and sound. Dev reprimands him for getting drunk again. Shiva asks if he is alright. Gautam says Dhara is fighting for her life and begins singing while crying. Suman hits him and scolds him for coming home drunk, asking who will take care of everyone in his state. Gautam asks why they’re behaving this way, and Shiva suggests that he deserves to be beaten. Krish agrees and says he should also be punished. Suman vows to teach him a lesson. Gautam pleads for them to save him while they continue scolding him.

Prerna expresses her disappointment at his irresponsible behaviour and reminds them that they need to go and bring Dhara back home. Meanwhile, Dhara is on her way home. Shiva scolds Gautam and informs him that they found his watch and even went to see a dead body, thinking it was him. Gautam, drunk, insists on celebrating because Dhara is alright and starts drinking. Dhara arrives home, and Shiva informs everyone. Suman asks them to take Gautam away, as Dhara will be upset seeing him. They tie Gautam up and lock him in a room.

Gautam pounds on the door while everyone is delighted to see Dhara and smiles. Suman asks Rishita to bring the ceremonial plate. Dhara, teary-eyed, reveals that she has been admitted to the hospital for several days, but no one came to pick her up. Shivank arrives and watches the scene. He tells Dhara to let it go, reminding her that it doesn’t matter if they came or if he came; it’s all the same, and he welcomes her back. Krish apologizes for not being able to come but thanks Shivank for being there. Gautam struggles to free himself. Dhara feels hurt and cries, asking why they didn’t come to get her. Gautam shouts to open the door and tries to break it down. Dhara hears the commotion and asks what that sound is.

Suman suggests they do something to convince Dhara. Rishita suggests throwing a party. Dhara, in anger, tears up photos and sets them on fire.

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