Pandya Store 18th January 2023 Written Update

Gautam says you won’t go anywhere, we’ll find Chutki. Dev says no, we won’t stay here, listen to Dhara, we’ll find Chutki. In response to Gautam’s plea, Rishita scolds him. She cries for Chutki. Raavi comes home. Dhara says see what Rishita is doing, explain to her that there is no happiness like ours.

He recalls the doctor’s words. The doctor says Shiva got a deep injury, his nerves were severely damaged. We will know about Shiva’s condition when he becomes conscious. Rishita is doing the right thing, she got late in making the decision, whoever stays with you, his life will be destroyed, this house is cursed, and no one can stay happy here except you.

Krish says I won’t let you go. Dev slaps him. He says you had Chutki in your arms, how did you let Shweta take her? Raavi gets her bag. Dhara cries. Gautam asks where she’s going. Raavi says away from you. Raavi says Shiva got conscious. Suman says you didn’t tell me. Dhara says we will take Shiva to see him in this condition.

Raavi says you will see him dead if you go, he won’t come here, and no one from this family will go to meet him, I cannot allow him to risk his life for us. Suman says I kept my sons in my womb for nine months, will you decide for them, Dhara should leave, then there will be no issue. Rishita says no, you love Dhara and you will accept her, Shiva and Dev will forgive her as well, but then Dhara will make the mistake again, so I cannot tolerate this.

We can’t live without our sons, divide me into 3 parts and take me along. Rishita says we can’t see Dhara’s face, we can’t stay here. Dhara and Suman cry. Suman says don’t leave me, don’t take my sons. Rishita cries and runs away. Raavi agrees with her. Raavi and Rishita greet Suman and Gautam. Gautam says don’t leave us. Dev says come Rishita, the cab has arrived. Dhara says we will find Chutki and return her.

Dev, Rishita, and Raavi leave. Krish holds Dhara. She slaps her. She says all this happened because of you. Suman gets shocked. Dhara asks why Shweta wasn’t allowed to take Chiku. Krish says this happened because of me, they left because of me, so fine, I’ll leave the house. Everyone says you’re useless, you proved it today. Krish leaves. Gautam and Suman shout at Krish. Suman scolds Dhara.

Dhara says I didn’t make them out, they left. Suman slaps her. She says you won’t understand, you just raised them, they are my blood, and they left. Gautam asks why are you crying, I’m still with you, you hate me. Dhara takes Chiku in her arms. Suman says to keep him away, I will see him and see why my house was ruined. She beats him and scolds him. He consoles and hugs her. Chiku cries. Suman says to keep him away, I will see him and see why my house was ruined.

He fools her. She runs after him. She kisses him and says you have to play with me. She says I can’t sit sad. He tells her not to sit near the door. After seeing your faith, I get to hope that my children will come. Gautam comes home. He sees Dhara. He tells her to stop decorating the house, cooking food, and then crying.

They ask him not to take his studies lightly. He asks them to end their fight and love one another. She says you explain to him, I will leave crying when he leaves drinking. He says to tell her, I will leave drinking when she stops crying. Chiku jokes. They ask him not to take his studies lightly. He asks them to end the fight and love one another.


She flies the kites. Suman calls her for help. Chiku gets the kites back. Suman falls down the bed. Dhara runs hearing her shout and is shocked to see Suman.

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