Pandya Store 17th January 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Dhara gets the kites with photos of the family members. Dhara says I forgot to make til laddoos. Chiku comes. She turns and showers him with flowers. Her heartbeat gets faster when she feels your breath in the air. He hugs her and wishes her a happy Uttarayan. She hugs him also. He says we need to get sweets.

As she stumbles, he holds her. She says you are there for me. He says yes, I have to do all the work. Tell me where Dev’s favourite jalebis are. She shows him the jalebis. He asks for Rishita’s favourite kachoris. She shows him the kachoris. He asks for different things. Dhara recalls the family members and shows them the dishes she made for them.

He gets the ice cream and says Rishita loves it, so I got it for her. She asks when you became so sensible. He says it because of you. She says go to Dadi and I’ll call Papa. He says to call everyone. She says yes. His protective gear is on. Gautam is singing and playing in the shop when a customer comes and asks for laddoos. Gautam dances and gives the laddoos. The man pays. Gautam returns more money.

In response, Gautam jokes and gives the 50rs. He drops a jar and asks Krish to pick it up. Krish stumbles. The man asks if you’re closing the shop today, so he offers to assist. Gautam recalls his brothers and cries. He gets a call. He gets angry. Dhara cries. He says wives are trouble. The man tells him to go home, not fall anywhere. Gautam leaves.

As Chiku falls, Suman gets angry on her. She says I get hurt seeing him so often. Suman and the kids play a video game on the TV. Dhara asks her to take a bath so she can do a puja. Suman scolds her. Dhara asks the kids to leave. Suman says they will not, we have to play, take Chiku away. She says because of Chiku, my whole life has turned black and white. Dhara asks the kids to leave.

He says I wore this helmet and safety pads in front of Dadi. Suman says I’m not your Dadi, I’m Chutki’s dadi. Dhara goes and cries. Chiku says Bholenath came in my dream and got everyone together, don’t cry, they will come. She says you need to face Suman’s scoldings.

It’s Uttarayan today, everyone used to celebrate happiness, but Shweta destroyed my family. He says you are the best, you can’t do anything bad. She says I have made all this for me, if I was the best, then they would have been here. Suman sees the house. She recalls the past. FB shows 7 years back. She cries and comes home with Krish. Dhara asks how Shiva is. Suman says he isn’t fine, nothing is fine, you are the reason for all of this, and if anything happens to Shiva, or if Chutki doesn’t come back, I will never forgive you.

When Krish gets Jankana’s call he asks for Shweta’s friends. Gautam comes. Suman and Dhara ask about Chutki. He says Shweta took Chutki and flew away. Rishita cries. Listen to me once, Rishita. Dev says I’ve booked the taxi and it’s coming. Rishita says we’re leaving this house forever. FB ends. Dhara cries.


The kite is flown by Dhara. Gautam smiles. Suman shouts for help. Dhara runs to see. Suman falls.

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